White House Defies Reality With Response to Biden-Pelosi Contact – Opinion

The Biden Administration’s inability to respond is one of its most frustrating aspects. They lie so often and are so apathetic. They’re motivated by narrative — not what’s best for the country.

Although their answers to questions can be deflections and sometimes make no sense at all, there are times when they are just too bad for it.

Take White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s response when she was asked about the contact Joe Biden had with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) who has tested positive for COVID. Pelosi was at the White House’s Tuesday and Wednesday events at various points with Biden. At the Tuesday Obamacare event, she held Biden’s hand and kissed his cheek. She also held his hand during Wednesday’s event. She hugged Barack Obama, and also held his hand close to her lips. Obama had just announced that he was suffering from COVID three weeks back.

But according to Psaki, this obvious close contact didn’t count as “close contact.”

Doocy asked, “How can you guys say that President Biden was not in close contact with speaker Pelosi when there’s a video of the speaker kissing him?” Psaki responded that the CDC’s “definition of it is 15 minutes of contact within a set period of time, within six feet. It did not meet that bar.”

Now, this is — on the face of it — silly, as though the virus can fit into a box and only become active if you’re at 15 minutes — 14 minutes and you’re still safe even if you slobbered all over Biden. Over two days, she was present at two events together with Biden. She kissed him and held his hand while he signed two bills. I’m willing to bet that adds up to several minutes.

You need to make a sound judgment. And that’s the problem here — there is no sense. They’re hidebound to a CDC rule that is itself an artificial construct. Most Americans would say whatever the rule, the Biden-Pelosi interaction is obviously “close contact” and certainly could have exposed Biden.

Kamala Harris was in close contact with her Communications Director Jamal Simmons who also came down with it and she’s keeping her regular schedule. It was officially announced April 6.

Pay attention and watch to see if her attention is drawn to the CDC recommendation that she wear a properly fitting mask during the next ten-day period. As she votes on Ketanji Jackson Brown Jackson, Thursday April 7, she already violates that guidance.

Meanwhile, these are the same folks who still think it’s cool that little kids are masked in schools for seven hours. a day, while they jump through hoops to say that the “rule” doesn’t apply to them.

They try to convince us of silly things, but what are their tricks?

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