The Western Leftist Absolutely Wants to Introduce Sex to Your Small Children, Here’s Proof – Opinion

The leftists in the west are united, despite being separated only by large bodies of water. These leftists are an ideological hive mind that shares a single goal, which is cultural dominance.

They want to turn your kids into loyal foot soldiers in their cause. Tyrants once wanted to rule the children and made textbooks conform to their narrative. Schools were also required to teach an extremely politicized education. To be sure, the left still wants to do that to your child, but today’s leftist doesn’t want to just tell you that the state is good and specific groups are bad. They will make your child part of a sexualized group.

Today’s radical leftists have some sort of obsession with grooming children. Your children will be hyper-focused upon their genitals and the genitals others. They also want to know about gender identity, sex, and sex of other people. The parents want their children to be open-minded and willing to experiment. They want them introduced to concepts that children shouldn’t be overly concerned about until later on in their teen years.

For instance, the “sexy summer camp” in Kentucky wanted to teach your child “sexual activity while using licit and illicit drugs” and teach them how to be a sex worker.

There is something similar across the pond. However, it’s on a larger scale than just a few women who run a child sexualization factory. Over in the UK, they’re putting on an entire production called the “Family Sex Show.” As posted by the Libs of TikTok Twitter account, a UK theater is putting on an edutainment show teaching kids about sex, porn, masturbation, and more. Even naked adults will be allowed to perform on the stage.

You are supposed to do this for your children.

The question one has to ask themselves is…what’s the end goal here? Does it open the doors to acceptance?

If it was just acceptance then it would simply suffice to speak on homosexuality and transgenderism as just another normal thing in our society and that kids shouldn’t be shocked when they see it. However, that’s not what they’re doing. They’re introducing kids to the act of sex, sexual pleasure, performances surrounding it, and the adult nude human body.

Because children can imitate what they see, this kind of normalization is bound to lead them to want to do the same actions. The “sexy summer camp” in Kentucky has kids actually practicing masturbation and sexual stimulation on each other’s hands while telling them the real way to do it on each other’s genitals. Are they sure that the kids are going to give it a try?

It seems they do really believe that they will. They should. HopeThey will.

That leads one to wonder who they hope they’ll come to when they want to try the real thing. A friend…or maybe one of these adults who earned their trust?

This is basically grooming. This level of sexual exposure is a push to get children into sexual interaction. They are quite literally, out in the open, attempting to have your child desire to have sexual interactions with those around them, and it’s a safe bet that if they have no limits on what they want to expose your child to, then they’ll have no limits in helping your child along the path even further.

They’re clearly not drawing lines and they’re not giving any reassurances that they’ll have any.

This isn’t about equality, education, or any of the claptrap being rattled off by these people. It is an effort to open the doors for pedophilia acceptance. Stop.

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