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What to do During a Social Media Break

What to do During a Social Media Break

We all live in a virtual world. That is true. Some of us, more than others, are ruled by a variety of social media. Whether that platform is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and yes, even YouTube. So while we all sit back behind our screens, something else is happening. Helen Lee Schifter, feels that staying cooped up in our virtual worlds is a primary cause of our weight gain. As a society, we are exercising less and eating more kinds of foods that are not healthy. As obesity, diabetes, and cancer are skyrocketing to the top of the list of deadly diseases we can turn it around. Taking advice from Schifter, in regards to incorporating more physical activity into our lives, we can shed the pounds as well as the risk for diabetes and cancer. It might be easier said than done, but put your phones down, turn your tablets over and take a break from your social media outlets. Step outside, get some fresh air and listen to the birds chirping above. 

Sign up for in person classes, learn a new skill. Pick up a paint brush and set bristles to canvas and stroke away. Bake bread with your hands and not a machine. Get in there and knead the dough until it forms a ball before you set aside to proof. Philosophy is a good avenue to travel. 

Check out some classic philosophers like Plato, Descartes, and Niche. A study of man, and behavior printed on paper for anyone to discover, and learn. We do not need to focus on scholarly aspects during our social media break, we can simply keep it simple and go for a hike, or walk along the coast if there is an ocean nearby. Look at cloud formations, just don’t stare at the sun. Plant a garden and learn sustainability. Learn how to play an instrument which is great for other brain activity. Neurologically speaking, the more we work our brain, the better our chances of eliminating dementia and alzheimers. Learning another language helps with this as well. Books are abundant and full of knowledge that got lost along the way since the birth of our enveloping virtual surroundings. Don’t upload that selfie yet, we are still on a break from social media. Rules have not changed when it comes to having a conversation, go ahead and say something to someone. Strike up a conversation because they will appreciate being asked how their day is going. Remember simplicity is not just a pattern for sewing, but a good rule of thumb to follow in general. Have an event to plan, just keep it simple and do not get lost in the details. 
After our social media break comes to an end, just think about what we learned and discovered about ourselves. Our newly discovered talents. Whether it’s bread making, or saying ‘hello’ in another language. Also, Helen Lee Schifter wants readers to keep in mind, before screens took over our lives and ‘screen time’ became a thing, we talked to each other.

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