What Small Dent On A Car Is The Hardest To Fix?

There’s nothing worse than having to repair a dent in your beloved car. Dents come in a variety of sizes and each one can have its own impact on the car. Getting a dent in your car can be rather easy. While many dents are caused by fender benders, they can happen from shopping carts hitting your car, hailstones,  someone bumping into your car, or even just leaning on it.

 Many dents can be easily repaired without causing any damage to the car internally or externally. But there are unfortunately some that are just too difficult to get out. Whenever this unfortunately happens, there are thankfully repair shops to the rescue! Whenever you’re needing to get out those hard to deal with dents, you’ll need a good team of professionals from Valley Collision waiting to help out.

1. Round Dents

Round dents are usually very easy to repair, but from time to time they can be more difficult to repair depending on the damage. Round dents are some of the most common dents as they are usually caused by bad weather (such as hail), sticks and nuts falling from trees, and parking lot accidents. These usually won’t need major intense body repair but at times it can be necessary.

2. Car Dings

Car Dings can at times be difficult to repair, but most of the time they’re thankfully not. The more difficult to repair car dings are identical to sharp dents. These are usually fairly deep dents that happen when a shopping cart hits your park in a parking lot or when someone’s car door hits your car. Many car-related dangers happen in parking lots as these are common.

3. Corner Dents

Corner dents do not have a clear access point unlike many other types of dents. With many dents, Valley Collision or other repair services can take off parts of the car to get to the paneling. Corner dents aren’t like that as they are usually on an angled surface. These awkward areas make it very difficult for the technicians to work with. This will usually cause more time and resources to be used.

4. Severe Dents

There are minor dents and there are severe dents. Minor dents are obviously far easier to repair than severe dents. Severe dents come in a variety of forms. These types of dents are far more difficult to repair without extensive bodywork. These happen from major car accidents such as a side collision (known as a T-bone collision). These leave significant damage to the car so will need major body repair.

5. Sharp Dents

Sharp dents are known to be one of the more difficult dents to get out of a car. These types of dents will usually occur along the body lines of the car. They’re fairly similar to round dents, but they tend to be far deeper. Unlike round dents, sharp dents are harder to repair because the dent itself is much tighter. These are often caused in parking lots when car doors hit someone else’s car. 

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