What Are the Main Causes of Pedestrian Accidents?

A vehicle hitting a pedestrian may be a traumatic experience. These accidents happen daily due to the ever-increasing number of pedestrians on the sidewalk. Below is a list of common causes of pedestrian accidents.

Impaired Drivers

Drivers operating their cars under the influence of alcohol or drugs are hazardous to everyone on the road, including pedestrians. Impaired drivers making left turns directly into pedestrians, and those driving their vehicles through crosswalks against traffic lights can cause pedestrian accidents. Pedestrians navigating in traffic at night should be wary of impaired drivers to minimize the chances of an accident. Victims of these accidents can visit this website to learn more about filing a claim in the occurrence of a pedestrian accident.

Bad Weather

A slippery road proves difficult for cars to stop in time to allow pedestrians to pass. Hazardous walking conditions, on the other hand, may cause a pedestrian to fall directly into the way of unsuspecting motorists. Rainwater causes the vehicle to hydroplane into a crosswalk, while ice makes it easier for the car to jump the curb.

Cladding Dark Clothes at Night

Most pedestrian accidents tend to increase during the night. Individuals who plan to walk after dark should wear light-colored clothing, including white, and carry a pocket flashlight when crossing the streets. Although most crosswalks and intersections have streetlamps and flashing lights, it’s hard for drivers to identify pedestrians who blend in with the darkness in the background. Drivers should beware of pedestrians walking along the streets to minimize these accidents.


Speed is a common contributor to most car accidents worldwide. Cruising above the set speed limit increases the risk of an accident. Reports from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) indicate that an increment in the speed of an automobile increases the possibility of a crash. Speeding increases the chance of sustaining injuries aside from injuring others.

Illegal Street Vending

Unlicensed street vendors selling items, including window washing services, newspapers, and bottled water, are at a higher risk of being hit by a car due to their quick movements around stopped vehicles and across traffic lanes. Children often pursue street vending in some communities, especially during summer. Unlawful street vending enables those too young to secure a job legally to earn extra money for their families and themselves. Some police departments encourage young vendors to trade from sidewalks, while others have begun fining unlawful street vendors.

The Poor State of the Sidewalks

Poor sidewalk conditions influence pedestrians who may overlook safety to seek excellent walking conditions on the street. Poor sidewalks are a major issue for runners and individuals who prefer a smooth surface for their activities, such as cycling and speed walking. Poor sidewalk conditions, such as the absence of curb cuts, place individuals with mobility-related issues in a dilemma. The sidewalks are impassible, but the street is risky. In addition to the sidewalk conditions, obstructions may pose a significant problem. Trees and bushes in residential areas overhang sidewalks, making passage hard. Plant litter, ice, and snow cause obstructions if they aren’t dealt with.

Distracted Drivers

Drivers talking on mobile phones or texting subjects the other drivers at risk as well as the pedestrians. Pedestrians who focus on their digital devices while crossing a street are also at a higher risk for car-pedestrian accidents. The bottom line is to avoid using digital devices while driving or walking in traffic.

Multi-Lane Roads

Multi-lane highways present a danger to most pedestrians. Drivers must deal with other drivers tailgating, speeding, and changing lanes. Most drivers on such roads don’t look out for pedestrians or even focus on traffic signals, increasing the chances of an accident.

Individuals who fall victim to any of the above causes of pedestrian accidents should seek compensation to help ease their recovery process. Victims should seek medical attention and hire a seasoned personal injury attorney to secure fair compensation.

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