WH Gets Nailed Again Over Hunter Biden Allegations – Opinion

I wrote earlier about the Hunter Biden getting his father Joe to write a college recommendation for the son of one of his Chinese business partners, Jonathan Li, according to emails on Hunter’s laptop.

Joe Biden has repeatedly claimed he did not know about his son’s business dealings. This showed — yet again — what a lie this was.

Fox’s Peter Doocy grilled White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on the question on Wednesday. Her face is a riot. She’s so ready to be out the door and done with having to cover for Joe Biden.

Psaki stated that she did not have confirmation and could offer no comment on the report. Why? The report was known to her; she knew that she would be asked questions about it. What is Joe Biden’s answer to the report? If he has no answer, we have to assume that it’s true. Not only is it for a biz partner of Hunter’s, but it’s for the CEO of a company connected to the Chinese government. That’s the problem with that association and Hunter’s connection to it.

Additionally, there’s the question, as Doocy points out, of “doing favors” for the business partners. Doocy questions if Joe Biden could have received a reward for this favor. Psaki doesn’t want to answer this question.

But then Doocy followed up with another troubling question about an email that showed Hunter Biden was planning on Joe Biden, Jill Biden, and Joe’s brother Jim becoming “office mates” with Gongwen Dong, an “emissary” for a chairman for CEFC, the Chinese energy company — the Chinese company with which Hunter was involved with.

Psaki denied that they were ever “office mates.” She says that, but she doesn’t want to give a complete answer.

Hunter’s email to the landlord shows Hunter asking for keys for Dong, his dad, and family members. Also, Hunter is asking for signage that reflects the CEFC connection as well as the Biden Foundation.

So exactly how could Biden be unaware of his son’s dealings, if he was about to share office space with his son’s business associates?

Hunter apparently made the request after which he had a disagreement with building management. Hunter was said to have been sneaking people into the back door of the building. Lunden Roberts was revealed later as the mother of Hunter’s illegitimate son. So ultimately, they didn’t go through with it, and Hunter moved out.

But the question remains about all these connections, particularly when the Biden family benefited from Hunter’s business dealings, according to the emails, and Joe Biden is alleged to have gotten a percentage.

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