WATCH: Big Three Largely Ignore Gas Prices Spiking Above $4 in EVERY STATE for First Time Ever

The Big Three evening news networks largely ignored a staggering milestone on gas prices, which are bearing the brunt of President Joe Biden’s radical war on energy. 

The price of gas rose to $4/gallon across all 50 US states according to the AAA. The Washington PostBut ABC World News Tonight And CBS Evening News Both broadcasts failed to inform the American public about the May 18th and 19th evening newscasts. AAA says that this is despite gasoline prices rising to $4.59 per gallon on May 19. 

AAA data shows that an average-grade gallon (or a quarter of a gallon) of regular-grade gasoline cost $3.04 last year. CNBC reported that gas cost $3.44 even after inflation was taken into account. CNBC reported that in 2021, gasoline was $3.44 (inflation adjusted) when Donald Trump was President.  

Each of the Big Three news stations lost their minds on May 19, when they were forced to report on news about gas prices exceeding $4 in each state. ABC World News Tonight, CBS Evening News And NBC Nightly NewsAll ran segments in which they criticised Oklahoma’s passing of a bill protecting unborn children. ABC congressional correspondent Rachel Scott attempted to spin Oklahoma’s law as overly restrictive: “Critics say, why not make exceptions to cover all of those instances, especially when rape and incest are so underreported?” Republican state Rep. Wendi Stearman of Oklahoma corrected the record, “the goal of this [bill]It is to safeguard the unborn child. So, I believe that putting in the exception, as we have it, is um, is acceptable in this situation.” 



Oklahoma’s law, which passed on May 19, followed the leak of a draft U.S. Supreme Court opinion appearing to reverse the pro-abortion Roe V. Wade (1973) decision.

NBC Nightly News, on the other hand, mentioned that “the national average for a gallon of gas just hit a new record high, $4.58,” on its May 19 broadcast. But NBC’s report didn’t once acknowledge that gas prices rose above $4 in every single state.



It gets worse. JPMorgan Chase Bank predicts that gasoline prices will rise to $6 per gallon in the US by summer. The report, headlined “Cruel Summer,” warned that gas prices could rise dramatically, according to CNN: “‘US retail price could surge another 37% by August.’” A 37 percent increase in gas prices from now would mean that the national average for gas would be $6.28 by August — just three months away. But guess what: The Big Three also ignored reporting on JPMorgan’s scary projections during their May 18 and May 19 broadcasts. 

Conservatives under attackFor more information, contact ABC News (818.460.7477, CBS News (975.3247), and NBC News (612.664-6192). They will be held responsible for ignoring that gasoline prices have risen above $4 per gallon in each state. 

Kevin Tober, MRC News Analyst, contributed to the report.

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