Reflections on the Bloody, Windy City

CHICAGO — My wife and I are in Chicago. Why is Washington not called the Windy City, or the Windiest City. To attend the legendary Federalist Society meeting, I was accompanied by my wife. My wife is a member and will be participating with the rest of the assembled lawyers. For a moment, I will merely listen.

Chicago is where I was born and raised. I cherish many of my happy childhood memories. In fact, my debut public appearance in Chicago was when I was only five years old. My younger sister Pattie and I were there. Pattie and I were present at the Chicago Police monument honoring the Haymarket Riot officers of 1886. My great-grandfather, who was the only survivor, had been dead for many years. The younger Tyrrells were then considered to be likely stand-ins. My sister and I did not say anything of relevance. But she was adorable.

During the Vietnam War, left-wing protesters attacked the monument and police had to take it inside. Although I wasn’t there to protest war, I wish I could have. Bill Ayers (a well-known member of Students for a Democratic Society) was the leading plotter. Later, he became close to Barack Obama who became the president of the United States. Bill’s mentality has not changed. Interviewed about 9/11 and his regrets that he didn’t create more bombs of similar design to the Haymarket explosives, Bill was also interviewed. He may have spent the post-Haymarket years lecturing to college students in Chicago. While I am not sure how many of his lectures are now focused on North Vietnamese bomb-making, it is clear that he is angry.

One of the most powerful organizations in the conservative movement is the Federalist Society. The Federalist Society will not have bomb-makers, just serene spokesmen and spokeswomen who represent different points of view. The Federalist Society is different from the left-wing groups it models after. Members often advocate slightly different views — such as strict constructionism or originalism. This creates lively discussion and leads to fertile conclusions. Federalists’ meetings offer a lot of nuance after a belief in the Rule of Law and an adherence to Constitution.

No bloodcurdling yells will be heard at the Federalist Society. The Constitution is loved by many, but there’s no anger. It is hard to imagine someone exhorting people to march to the Capitol, or to damage a statue. But that is not what the Federalist Society’s enemies are doing. Leftists desecrate churches, march on the houses of Supreme Court justices and cause barricades or fences around government edifices. In the past, liberals were passionately and articulately defending free speech. These genuine liberals wouldn’t attack private property in religious institutions or irreligious ones. These days are gone. These liberals have long since disappeared. These liberals disappeared, I believe, when they started celebrating anger.

On the other hand, violence and anger are now acceptable and celebrated. Liberals have stopped supporting it. I hoped the Mayor of Chicago would come to the Federalist Society meeting. This city is in chaos. Maybe the society could help. Lori Lightfoot, however, has other plans. According to me, she will arrange free abortions for Chicago-area women. It is possible that she may arrange abortions from outside the United States for free. Her view of abortion is positive in itself seems positive. What about the possibility of an abortion for transgender persons? This could happen.

Many of Michigan Avenue remains closed. It was once one of the most popular shopping areas in the country. Now it’s paralyzed. Both capital and petty crime are available 24/7. The mob is forcing people to flee the city. Last year’s murder rate was the highest in 25 years. The majority of these killings have been committed by Black people. Black Lives Matter is not where we want it. Chicago is just one of a dozen Democrat run hellholes. I’m heading back to Washington.

Since many unexpected months I’ve been writing this column: Glory To Ukraine!

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