WashPost Finds Loudoun Rapes, Ignores School Board Cover-Up, Trans Bathrooms

Late Wednesday night, The Washington PostIt was the first liberal news organization to publish the shocking high school rapes taking place in Loudoun County. Burying it in their “local” section, the paper ignored key aspects of the story that made it a major scandal for liberal policies: the school board tried to cover it up, had the father of a victim arrested for attempting to speaking out, the attacker was “gender-fluid,” and the school board was trying to get a trans bathroom policy passed.

“A teen accused of sexually assaulting a fellow student at a Loudoun County high school in May is also accused in a second sexual assault less than five months later at another county high school, according to the Loudoun County commonwealth’s attorney,” reported Jasmine Hilton, Hannah Natanson, and Justin Jouvenal.

But at no point in their article did the three journalists think it was important to note the detail that the attacker was a boy who was wearing a skirt and identified as so-called “gender-fluid.” And while they noted that the second attack happened in an “empty classroom,” they failed to inform readers that the first one happened in a girls’ bathroom.

All of these omitted details were laid out by The Daily Wire’s Luke Rosiak in his Bombshell ReportThis blew all the smoke off the Tuesday story.

Also for The Post’s coverage of the outrage from parents, that too lacked critical context:

Many parents spoke out at the meeting, expressing concern for their children’s safety in Loudoun County Public Schools. Others also called for Scott A. Ziegler’s resignation and that of the school board.

The framing of The Post, the parents were just venting to the school board because that’s who you go to for problems you have with the school system. Rosiak will again provide the context for why Ziegler was being called out by parents.

“Minutes before [Scott] Smith’s arrest, the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) superintendent lectured the public that concerns about the transgender [bathroom] policy were misplaced because the school system had no record of any assault occurring in any school bathroom,” he wrote.

We now have the two next pieces of information. PostReporters tried to hide the attack from their readers.

With what we know about the time line, the first attack happened on May 28 with the boy being arrested sometime later (since he’s a juvenile, that information is not public). On June 22, the board held a meeting where Scott Smith (the father of the victim) wanted to talk out. Knowing Smith’s intentions, Ziegler tried to derail his comments by claiming the attack didn’t happened (noted above). Smith was then thrown on the ground and taken into police custody.

And as explained in Rosiak’s report, Zeigler effectively tried to cover up the first assault because the board was voting on institute a transgender bathroom policy which the attack would certainly sink if parents were allowed to know about it.

After Smith was arrested, the school board teamed up with Loudoun County District Attorney Buta Biberja (who’s backed by liberal dark money donor George Soros) to make him the face of “domestic terrorism,” according to the National School Boards Association and President Biden’s Justice Department. Also, this was absent from The Post’s report.

The entire saga showed how liberal radical policies made innocent victims and was covered up by those in power in the government. It was continuing to unfold. But the “democracy dies in darkness” 5yelll)aper trying to keep it relegated to a local crime story.

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