Washington Commanders Owner Dan Snyder Offered to Testify Before Congress on ‘Toxic Work Environment’ – Opinion

His attorney stated that Dan Snyder, Washington Commanders’ owner, has offered to give evidence before the House Oversight Committe online. Snyder is being asked by the Oversight Committee to testify regarding allegations that Commanders had a hostile work environment.

Snyder has declined to appear at a June 22 hearing; however, Karen Seymour is his attorney and says she has not received a response from the committee on that matter since June 30.

“In an effort to accommodate the Committee’s interest in speaking to him promptly, however, I informed the Committee’s staff that, on the assumption that our due process concerns could be resolved, Mr. Snyder could make himself available for a voluntary appearance by Zoom on July 28 or 29 – notwithstanding that he would still be in Israel with his family at that time – and that I would travel to Israel to represent him.”

Seymour’s letter to the Oversight Committee contained this part:

“As I hope you can understand, I am concerned that the way the Committee staff has proceeded — including inaccurate public statements accusing Mr. Snyder of attempting to ‘evade’ an appearance and ‘seek[ing] special treatment’ is not only unfair, but will detract from Mr. Snyder and his family’s ability to focus on the solemn rituals associated with the observance of his mother’s first Yahrzeit, for which they have spent many months preparing.”

Since October, there has been a constant back-and forth between the attorneys and Snyder. He claimed that he was not able to give evidence due to his schedule. According to Seymour, Snyder will be in Israel for “much of July” due to the anniversary of his mother’s death.

Carolyn Maloney (D–NY), the chairman of the committee, responded to Seymour in June. Snyder had repeatedly declined to testify. Maloney said she would issue a subpoena to Synder so that the Congressional investigators could depose her.

Thursday’s statement was released by the Oversight Committee:

“We remain committed to securing Mr. Snyder’s testimony on the toxic work environment at the Washington Commanders following his failure to appear voluntarily at the Committee’s hearing and his continued refusal to allow his attorney to accept service of a subpoena. We are continuing to negotiate with his counsel to ensure the Committee can obtain the full and complete testimony we need, and we are reviewing her latest correspondence.”

Training camp will start for the Commanders on July 27th. Their first preseason game is set for August 13.

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