Wash Post: Abortion Bans Hurt Historically Black Colleges

There’s an old joke about lefty media bias, told through imagined headlines on the front page of The New York Times

Asteroid heading towards Earth Planet Doomed
Women, Minorities Hardest Hit

Unfortunately, the left-wing media outlets are determined to keep the jokes alive. Take, for example: The Washington Post on July 20 published an article complaining that the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade hurts historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Really.

See, “Nearly three-quarters of HBCUs recognized by the Department of Education are in states that have banned or mostly banned abortions,” according to Postie Lauren Lumpkin. “Those 72 schools enroll more than 166,000 students. 

So HBCU coeds are “disproportionately losing their right to reproductive health, students at those schools say.”

That’s Postie Speak for losing their ability to off inconvenient offspring. “Many students are afraid of what could happen to themselves or others if they end up with an unwanted pregnancy,” Lumpkin says. 

Do black college students have a unique problem managing their lives and avoiding abortion? If so, their HBCUs – not to mention their families – are failing them. Lumpkin said that this is the opinion of the women she spoke with. 

In fact, she spoke to two women who couldn’t seem to figure out how to get contraceptives – in a major American city.

Marissa Pittman (20), a student leader at Dillard University, New Orleans, wants to ensure students have access to contraceptives.

It’s not just Dillard. 

New Orleans’ Catholic school Xavier does not discuss abortion or reproductive health very often. [public health major Nina Giddens] added. The university’s health center offers testing for sexually transmitted infections, according to its website, but Giddens said condoms and other contraceptives are more difficult to come by. According to a spokesperson, condoms are not offered at the health centre. 

There’s a condom dispenser or three in every restroom of every bar in New Orleans. It’s rumored the city even has drug stores. If these kids can’t figure out how to access them, their degrees aren’t going to be much help to them anyway. 

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Lumpkin never thinks of that, as his only concern is to help the cause of abortion with some racial special pleas.

“I believe everyone should have a right to make decisions about their bodies,” [Dillard student Kalaya]Sibley stated. “Knowing that people who look like me, and even just women in general, have to experience these roadblocks … is defeating.”

Do you know what is even more devastating? Believing that “people who look like me,” can’t get through their lives without having the ability to take away someone else’s.

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