‘View’ Veers from Idiotic to Borderline Dangerous

It’s hard not to take The ViewUse a pinch of salt.

Long-running talk shows feature some of the most ignorant commentary available on broadcast and streaming. Meghan McCain was a moderate Republican and did more preshow research than her fellow hosts. This elevated the conversation until she left in last year.



Inexplicably, The ViewIt’s a television staple that continues to thrive well into its 25th anniversary. It’s currently scrambling to find a Republican punching bag for the other hosts to pummel.

That search generated plenty of media heat, although it’s clear the producers will stretch it out as long as possible. What clear-thinking, conservative woman wouldn’t want this gig?

Lately, though, the show’s conversations have veered from comical to borderline dangerous.

Is that hyperbole? Let’s hear what hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar had to say on the latest episode.



Goldberg was the most pragmatic member of the panel and he aired some of the most divisive remarks I have ever seen.

What is the subject? A manufactured attack by the GOP on voting rights, an argument too common for progressives to ignore. While Goldberg delved into the unhinged conspiracy theory with Sunny Hostin, her far-left host, Sunny nodded grimly.

“This is part of the big plan to control what happens in America, I believe,” Goldberg said of the GOP. “You take those voting rights away, people are gonna be so angry, but there will be nothing they can do about it because we’re in charge. Next comes the women. We’re gonna take your rights away, just like we’re taking X, Y and Z, because they’ll be nothing you can do.”

Is it possible for her to cite statistics, facts or any other data in support of her argument? It doesn’t exist. It doesn’t exist.

Next, Goldberg said schools can no longer teach “what happened to black people,” possibly a reference to Republicans attacking Critical Race Theory. The horrors of slavery should not be taught in schools, according to no mainstream Republican.


The Sister ActThe star then asserts that Republicans who do not agree with her like herself are swiftly dismissed.

“Oh, that’s just you whining, that’s just you saying this is happening to me,” she added, while another voice said the effort underway is “coordinated.”

Behar was a more erratic voice than Goldberg and took these crazed remarks even further. She suggests what’s happening in other countries, where freedom is in short supply, will sprout up stateside.

“[L]et’s say the autocrat who’s running gets, like 90 percent of the air time. Other one receives 10 percent. You know they are censoring journalists. That will happen here,” Behar said. “That will happen here, I think, if the Republicans are back in power.”

Liberals will censor Tucker Carlson and Fox News journalists in general. Judd Apatow is a good example. What number of boycotts have been launched in recent years against Carlson, and before that, Rush Limbaugh, to name a few?

Liberals are also trying to silence Joe Rogan. He’s not a journalist but someone eager to let multiple sides of a story be heard.

It is ironic that The View typically has one conservative host at a time, and hasn’t had any permanent conservatives on the show in months, is lost on this troupe.

The View isn’t a place for serious conversation. That’s been the case for some time. However, imagine someone watching this absurdity and believing even a tiny bit of it. They should then decide what to do next. What measure isn’t too extreme to stop the GOP for succeeding with its brilliant, evil scheme?

Our society is free. If a television show indulges in conspiracy-mongering without presenting any facts, then so be it. This should still be exposed for what it really is. The 2022 version should also be highlighted. The View is bordering on stoking even more division than what we’re seeing across the country today.

Who knows what might happen next?

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