Vice Deems Christian TikToks as Christian Fascist Propaganda

Vice News, a leftist propaganda platform, is unhappy with the new trend on Tik-Tok’s Chinese-owned Tik-Tok. Vice doesn’t like videos that are dedicated to Christianity on the surveillance social media platform app Tik-Tok, which is often full of leftists insane and naked women dancing about. 

Vice News author Tess Owens has deemed the rise of Christian Tik-Toks as “fascist propaganda” that needs to be stopped. 

Owens is concerned that the rise fascist America will be caused by young people becoming more religious in Christianity than the progressivism cult. Many videos feature fast-paced, modern edits that include bible verses and pictures of Jesus. These videos often reference a battle between good and bad and the need to reconcile with God. Owens is against that. 

“Their videos, like most others in this genre, stop short of making explicit references to violence, but they incorporate coded allusions to it through the imagery of past religious wars or pop-culture references,” she writes. “The result is a murky collection of problematic content where it’s not always easy to tell how far the creator wants their followers to go — which is especially concerning given the uptick in real-world violence committed by Christian nationalists.” Owens promotes the myth that Christians are domestic terrorists and shows that even a video stating “Return to Christ” is akin to saying “Heil Hitler.” 

Owens goes beyond simply lumping these Christians as terrorists; she actively flaunts Vice’s role in taking these accounts down. “TikTok removed accounts flagged by VICE News after a request for comment. “TikTok stands firmly against violence online and off,” a company spokesperson said. “We remove content and accounts that seek to glorify or promote violence, violent groups, or militias, and continually look for ways to strengthen our policies and enforcement and collaborate with experts and civil society organizations. It is our goal to provide a place that encourages creativity and entertainment. It is fine if a user encourages child grooming, mutilation, and other forms of violence in the name or progress. 

Owens, as well as the Tik Tok staff, were thrown into chaos by the use of crusaders or famous film characters like Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. “TikTok says their moderators regularly undergo training to help them identify the latest symbols, terms, and offensive stereotypes that could be described as “hateful behavior,” she writes. The platform does not consider Christian imagery to be hateful, however those who use violence against conservatives are allowed to make their own decisions. It makes sense.

Vice writers Owens and Vice editors are offended that young men seek Christianity over the degeneracy of what they promote. Play the fascist card, just like so many leftist friends.

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