Very Common Branding Misconceptions That Should Disappear

Branding is not properly understood by most people from around the world. There are some obvious knowledge gaps that seem to appear. As a result, so many business owners just do not take full advantage of what branding can offer.

Whenever you hear the following statements, make sure to dismiss them as just myths.

Branding Is Logo Making

Logo making is a part of branding but it is definitely not the only part. There are countless websites out there that tell clients they are creating brands. In reality, they just design logos. This is actually one of the reasons why people are confused about branding.

Keep in mind that branding includes several facets and logo design is just a minor one. If you are curious as to how branding works, you can look for logo creator software and explore how to make a logo.

Branding Means How Something Looks Like

In order for branding to be effective, there are several things that are taken into account, including overall design aesthetics and brand aesthetics. However, even if the design is attractive, the damage created by disorganized businesses or bad customer experiences is often very hard to deal with.

Branding always goes beyond visual identity. It is very complex. Sometimes it even takes numerology into account to create brand names. Branding offers focus and clarity. However, it cannot offer everything the business needs to run in a sustainable way.

Branding Is Just Advertising

Another common misconception is that branding is just advertising. This is because the large advertising firms took care of branding in the past. However, branding did evolve a lot. Right now, you need specialist expertise in order to create very strong brands, with several processes involved besides advertising.

Branding Is Only For The Big Companies

When we talk about brands, we often mention the larger corporations. As a result, many ended up thinking that branding is just for them. The truth is completely different. Bigger companies use branding in order to maintain market positions and grow. Exactly the same thing can be done by the smaller business. In fact, branding can be even more advantageous for a smaller firm that needs all the help it can get in order to grow

Branding Does Not Add Value

The truth is most people do not understand the value of branding as they assume that it is useless because of the lack of immediate return on investment. What is often ignored or simply not known is that very strong brands are huge assets for businesses. This is because:

  • Brands add value by creating a fully protectable visual identity system. This can be sold or licensed.
  • The brand offers vitality while making it more attractive to interested investors.

Branding Does Not Affect Sales

This is arguably the worst misconception associated with branding. Marketing and advertising have clear focuses put on sales. It is very easy to see how much you sell and the profit that you make. With branding, it is more difficult to understand how sales are affected.

What should be known is that branding’s impact on sales exists and it manifests in some intangible features. This includes higher perceived product quality and customer trust.

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