How To Ride an Electric Bike In San Francisco

How To Ride an Electric Bike In San Francisco

There are few destinations in the world as stimulating as San Francisco. Iconic sites in the city include the Golden Gate Bridge, the twisting hills of Lombard Street, Fisherman’s Wharf, the Dolores Mission Church and the Painted Ladies near Alamo Square Park. Many lesser-known places make the city a true joy to explore, particularly on a traditional bicycle or an ebike. While San Francisco is notorious for its steep hills, the city has worked hard to create a safe and thriving bike culture.   

When learning how to ride an electric bike, you will find that in many respects it is not that different from a regular bicycle. Because the bikes tend to be heavier, though, due to a sturdier frame and the weight of the battery and motor, it is important to pay attention to balance issues and to brake earlier than with regular bikes. Therefore, you should try out the bike in an area you are comfortable with, and tackle hills as you get more comfortable with the controls.

The next step is to get comfortable with how and when to engage the motor power. In most Sixthreezero models, you will have a choice of three modes: manual, pedal-assist and full electric. A throttle delivers the amount of power that goes to the bike in the two power modes, so you should gain some familiarity with how these feel before heading out into traffic. Finally, since ebikes can propel you to higher speeds than you might be used to, it is smart to slowly increase your speeds.

Going Electric in the City

When looking for the best ebike for San Francisco hills, you have a variety of solid options. Much will depend upon your preferences, your body size and the type of riding you wish to enjoy. Because San Francisco has such steep hills, you might want to get the bigger 500W motor to make sure you have the power to climb all the way up to Coit Tower or Nob Hill. Other things to look for include the following features:

  • A derailleur with at least seven speeds 
  • A mid-drive motor hub
  • A powerful battery

It is also worth noting that where you ride determines the appropriate bike. Even though San Francisco has many hills, you can also plan your route to stay away from the steepest hills.

Selecting a Great Electric Bike

Whatever your preferences, you can find ideal electrical bicycles San Francisco style. The EVRYjourney 250W electric touring cruiser features an ergonomic design that can achieve speeds of over 20 mph in pedal-assist mode. It is designed for the woman who wants some extra power on hills, yet its seven-speed derailleur makes it nimble enough to commute to and from work or school. For men, the EVRYjourney 500W has the power and durability to handle the toughest city streets; it can easily climb to the Golden Gate Bridge for panoramic views of San Francisco.

Wherever you ride, a quality bike will increase your enjoyment and comfort. Shop online for the best selection of traditional and electric bikes.

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