Advantages Of Using Hardwood Flooring In Your Home

Hardwood flooring is rarely considered because of the fact that it is pricey. The initial investment is definitely high. However, with good maintenance, such flooring can easily end up lasting for a lifetime.

The truth is there are several advantages of using hardwood flooring. So, before you opt for engineered instead of solid wood, consider this:

Long Term Financial Investment

One of the biggest advantages of using hardwood flooring is that it can last over 100 years. With other flooring options on the market, you would have to replace them every 15 years on average. As a result, you get a very good return on the investment you make. Wood flooring value keeps increasing as time passes.

Most homeowners think about budget when they choose what flooring to install. But, nowadays, wood flooring is available at both inexpensive and expensive options.


In the past years, several different wood flooring options became available. This means you can easily choose one that will be perfect for your budget, regardless of the budget. A single wood plank can be created in countless color shades. The aesthetic appeal can so easily go up. If desired, it is even possible to stain the wood. This offers an even higher variety.

Some of the common wood flooring options available include:

  • Tigerwood
  • Hickory
  • Brazilian cherry
  • Teak
  • Australian Cypress
  • Oak
  • Santos mahogany

Ageless Quality

Your vinyl and carpet flooring have to be replaced from time to time. Wood flooring just needs to be re-sanded or refurbished. You do this in order to refresh flooring to the original state as finish and luster are maintained. With wood flooring, you do not have to worry about damage. Also, the wood will look much more graceful as it ages.

Wood does not tend to look dull or worn out. It offers a timeless style and guarantees your home remains in fashion at all times.

Easy Hygiene And Maintenance

In order to take care of wooden flooring, you just need to vacuum, mop, and make sure that it is kept dry at all times. When you do this, not much debris, dirt, or dust is attracted thanks to the material’s non-electromagnetic nature.

Wooden flooring general maintenance is quite simple and your floor will remain resistant to all liquid spills. Just consider this when compared with when you have carpets. If you also have pets, these carpets will end up having an unpleasant and musty smell.

Improved Air Quality

Using wooden flooring means you do not have to worry about parasites like spores, dust mites, and fleas. Also, you do not need to deal with allergens, molds, and animal dander. Your indoor environment will be much safer than with most other flooring options available on the market.

Remember that when your children are home, they are susceptible to allergies. This is why most doctors actually recommend that wooden flooring is installed whenever there are allergy sufferers present in the home. Also, when you use such a flooring option, you can install underfloor heating systems. This makes your home even more comfortable, especially during winters.

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