Variety, AP Brazenly Lie About Chappelle-Netflix Protest

Yesterday’s social media video circulated showing an interaction between Dave Chappelle supporters and trans activists. It wasn’t pretty.



The protest in question grew from Chappelle’s new Netflix special, The closer, which some progressives claim showcases “transphobic” jokes. An anonymous group of Netflix employees slandered their employer in a widely publicized walkout.

They worried the comedian’s jokes could cause real-world violence against members of their community.

Ted Sarandos, CEO of Netflix initially supported Chappelle but later backpedaled and insists that the special will continue on the platform.

Video captured the incident on Oct. 20, when trans activists were seen hurling abuse at Vito Gesualdi (a videographer for Chappelle). Later, they claimed the pro-Chappelle stick that was holding the sign was a weapon which he could use against them.

The confrontation was clearly not fair for one side.



This cultural critic figured the media would ignore the confrontation, even though it’s captured on video, is tied to a major news story and many people already saw it via social media. What’s the reason?

Journalists today are more focused on promoting progressive narratives rather than truth. A skirmish in Chappelle would have been better left out of the coverage.

Sometimes, media bias can be captured best by facts not reported in the main stream media newsfeed.

However, two of the major news media outlets reported on it differently. The news outlets reported on the altercation, but they lied about the aggressor.

Both Variety, a far-left Hollywood publication, and the Associated Press framed the confrontation as being caused by the Chappelle fan, whose crime was saying “I like jokes” and peacefully standing up for a comedian he admires.

It is unclear how the AP covered it. Jesse Singal, an independent journalist, shares details on this Twitter thread.



Variety’s bias can be seen in stark detail in this Twitter thread tied to the incident. Bias can be one thing. Blatant lies, however, are another matter.



The VarietyTwitter thread stars feature a lying tweet, which Stephen Miller (a right-leaning journalist who is rigorously fair) exposed on Twitter.



Irony at its best?

Variety attended the London appearance of Chappelle and was able to pose questions. Many people declined.

The audience streamed out following the performance, but most of them refused to speak with Variety. This was either because they were loyal to the comedian, or maybe out of distrust in the media. [emphasis added]…

Why would media companies lie about video footage that is available for everyone to view?

It’s a great question with no comfortable answer. Either they’re so invested in their narratives they can’t see the truth when it plays out before them. Or, they know they’re lying but hope enough readers believe them to keep their narrative alive.

Either way, it’s increasingly clear why most Americans no longer trust the mainstream media.

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UPDATE: The AP did some damage control on their erroneous reporting, but it’s not a completely honest account, according to Singal.


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