Utah Latest in Mandating Masks in Public Schools A Horrible Decision

Based on almost every expert pediatrician and virologist’s opinion, and by the CDC’s own numbers, the mortality rate for children ages 5-17 is so low as to be almost laughable.
That is 0.1 of cases.
Cases in that age range are rare. 51 in every 100000. So if we take 50 million potential students, divide it by that 100k and times it by that 51, we’re looking at about 25,500 kids contract the illness. 0.1 % of those die. Twenty five kids. More die a year of the flu. Ask your local pediatrician.
Robert Redfield (yes, the CDC director):
“It’s best to not act emotionally, but go off of data. And the illness in children is very very very very rare.
Unlike influenza where children in schools drive the transmission, there really isn’t evidence showing that children are driving the transmission of covid.
The CDC‘s recommendations are not requirements and they are not meant to be prescriptive.”
To put it in real numbers (also from the CDC). That doesn’t take into consideration the damage that is actually happening by keeping kids home with abusive parents and single moms who can’t afford day care.
There is a big difference between not dying and living.
One Utah parent said, “I’m sure that we won’t agree, but I have 4 kids, one with cancer, who already contracted the virus and easily recovered. I know I am more than willing to let all four of my kids get back to living life, and I’m one of those Dad’s that actually loves having his kids home.”
Another Utah parent, analyzing the data and talking about his own thoughts:
FROM the PDF. Its mentioned in the second sentence of the first paragraph “lower in children”. Again on the second page left column…”and lowest among children aged ≤9 years (51.1)” and again on the tabulated data. Look at cumulative incidents in children 0-9. Look at the asterisk on what that means.
I know it’s scary, but put the fear away for a sec and just look at the data objectively. We’ve lost THREE as of early April. Three. In the whole country. I’m sure we’ve lost more by now, but do you HONESTLY think it’s in the thousands? I can tell you that my kids are playing with other kids indoors…been going to crowded swimming pools, playing at friends houses. I’ve seen kids packed together at parties, picnics, having water fights. For months. Not a single kid has died in our state [Utah].”
There is currently a petition going around on Facebook with over 6k signers as of today, requesting the mandate for masks to be changed so that there is instead a choice.

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