Pluralist - Joe Caldarera: Making His Alma Mater Proud

Joe Caldarera: Making His Alma Mater Proud

For those that have been living under a rock these past few months, there has been a very contentious primary between an establishment candidate and a rising newcomer and maverick on the NY political scene, named Joe Caldarera. For those that know him, Caldarera serves as a consistent source of fresh air. According to Max G, a classmate of Caldarera’s at Brooklyn Law School, “Joe was born a leader. His contributions in the classroom made it  clear to all of us that he was on his way to big things. But even with all the confidence I had and continue to have in him, I’ve been in absolute awe by how rapidly he’s become a household name in GOP political circles.”

Joe is a native Staten Islander and former assistant district attorney in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office. He campaigned passionately and vigorously against a woman of questionable conservative bonafides, named Nicole Malliotakis. Malliotakis is an establishment candidate whose conservative record certainly had plenty of holes in it . But even while being the favorite and better funded candidate, Caldarera consistently held Malliotakis’ feet to the fire. He consistently demanded she debate him to offer the people of Staten Island and Bay Ridge the opportunity to make the most well informed and educated decision when casting their votes.

Caldarera resigned from his job at the Brooklyn DA’s office to pursue this rather lofty objective of defeating a well-funded establishment candidate. But his efforts got not only state-wide attention; they also attracted national media coverage. In some ways, Caldarera is a modern day Donald J Trump. His usage of social media to constantly point out inconsistencies in his opponent’s record was prolific. Those tweets and Facebook posts would consistently get picked up by local and city news outlets.

He proved to have an uncanny ability at producing content that attracted the attention of his constituents and beyond, pointing out the issues plagueing Malliotakis, such as her supposed support of President Trump. Many well-informed political observers have compared the race between Caldarera and Malliotakis to the upcoming Presidential race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. “The contrast could not be clearer. On one hand, you have an establishment candidate who has been in Washington for far too long. On the other hand, you have a maverick in the President who will continue fighting for us if given the chance. The Malliotakis – Caldarera race was very similar to this, said Kara S, a former Brooklyn Law School classmate of Caldarera’s.

But back in Brooklyn Law School, it  wasn’t just Republicans who were impressed by Caldarera’s proven political acumen and uncanny ability to attract headlines. Samantha Tucker, a self proclaimed Bernie Sanders supporter, who was rumored to have been involved in the legal defense of Conor McGregor, had this to say about Caldarera and his rapid ascent in NYC politics. “Conservatives are fascists. And there’s no doubting that. But I respect Joe. He might be a real piece of work; but he’s an honest and decent man who is dedicated to his principles; his values, and ultimately, to his country. There’s no question he’s made all his classmates proud, over the last few months.” As a news property dedicated to inspiring the next generation of conservatives, we say bravo Joe. Keep up the good work. We know you’re just getting started.

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