Update on Brooklyn Attack, Though Some Media Outlets Omit Key Detail Regarding Shooter – Opinion

More information has come out on Tuesday morning’s shooting in the subway in Brooklyn, New York. We have previously written about the incident and the attacker.

At least 19 were reported to have been injured and 10 more shot. Five people are currently in critical condition. However, they are all expected to recover.

Before he began shooting, the attacker dropped at most one smoke bomb. The gun that the attacker used to attack him was reportedly damaged or jammed. The police found a weapon and the suspect’s bag after the attack. The contents contained fireworks, pepper spray and canisters as well as a hatchet.

A spray bottle with gasoline was also discovered, as well as a gasoline odor all around the train cars where he had shot people.

MTA’s surveillance camera was unsuccessful. Fox reports that the suspect is seen on his cell phone. It’s not clear why they haven’t put any of those pictures out yet when they’re so desperate to find the guy.

A U-haul truck with Arizona plates was being sought by police. It was found in Gravesend (Brooklyn).

The police did a presser where they described the suspect as a black male, 5’5″ heavy build, green construction vest, gray sweatshirt. The presser became a summary of facts and referred to the governor. Kathy Hochul makes a statement about the dangers of shootings.

All of that is true, Governor, but then maybe your Democratic compatriots shouldn’t have tried to defund the police and cut the gun crime squad that had previously been so effective in the city?

The police are saying also that there’s no reason to suspect terrorism yet. This would be odd to state at this stage, since there was an attack regardless of the motive. They may not be able to determine if there’s a political point to it yet, but the circumstances and the bag shows it was a planned attack.

Brooklyn’s area is home to many Asian people. The photos show that some of those who were victims may be Asian. But the police are saying they don’t see any reason yet to suspect that ethnicity entered into it, according to Fox.

Early reports made clear that the gunman was black, but some media reports left out this detail, making it more difficult to identify him if you do come across him.

In the meantime, leftist media people were upset that no race information had been made about the shooter.

What’s the pro-tip for leftists It’s the shooting you should be upset about not the race of the shooter. But it’s rather important to know that if you’re going to find him.

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