Univision Goes Full NoKo in Propaganda Piece On Biden’s Health

Univision attempted to portray a state-run-media at its finest a la North Korea, with a propagandistic report intended to proclaim President Biden as the healthiest man alive following the White House´s announcement that he had tested positive for Covid.

Citing his “latest health report” (actually from November 2021, per the story), a winded Andrea León blurted out a list of justifications for Biden´s ailments, skipping his gaffes, bumbles and stumbles, and even his having said yesterday that he had cancer due to the climate crisis.

Take a look at the Univision midday news team going into full Juche mode in defense of the “eldest president in the history of the United States, and that’s why there has been a lot of speculation about his state of health since he arrived at the White House”:

Noticiero Univision: Edición Digital 


BORJA VOCES: Joe Biden is the oldest president in the history of the United States, and that’s why there has been a lot of speculation about his state of health since he arrived at the White House. What do the medical reports of Joe Biden reveal about his health? We go to Andrea León in the Miami studios, who has prepared a full report for us. Andrea, good afternoon; Tell us.

ANDREA LEÓN: That’s right Borjita, happy to greet you. In particular, I want to tell you that President Joe Biden, a 79-year-old, passed all his annual medical exams. Last NovemberAfter his most recent full evaluation, the president’s primary doctor said that he was strong, healthy and ready to lead. Biden also takes two prescription medications daily and one without prescription. Biden’s current checkup revealed that he had increased stiffness in his walking due to mild neuropathy and frequent symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux. According to the report, however, this does not pose a threat to his overall health. Biden, President of the United States, enjoys biking and practices five days a week. A little over a year ago, he suffered a minor accident while riding with his wife in Delaware. His foot was caught in the pedal and fell to his death. However, he quickly stood up and declared that he was alright. Pictures and videos quickly became viral. Biden was not treated for any injuries and resumed his normal duties on the following day. You are back, children.

The President, as his primary physician said in November of last year, “was healthy, strong and fit to govern”. To anyone who has noticed the President´s “increased walking stiffness”, please be aware that it is NOT due to his advanced age but to “a mild neuropathy” (nerve damage). Also, know that Biden´s frequent coughs are simply caused by gastroesophageal reflux and nothing close to Covid; got it?

Last but not least, León mentioned Biden´s infamous bike spill at the now dubbed “Brandon Falls” in Delaware, after which “he immediately stood up and said that he was fine.” Furthermore, our own Dear Leader did not need, or receive, any medical assistance, “and he returned to his duties the next day.”

It’s not surprising that trust in corporate media has continued to decline with so-called news reporting such as this. 

This kind of state-run media reporting in Spanish-speaking news is not worth your time. It was made possible by advertisers such as Comcast. These should be written Click here.  


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