Experts Insist Sea Levels Are Rising Despite Photos Proving They Aren’t – Opinion

First Church of Climate Change requires absolute loyalty lest Mother Gaia strike thee with a terrible blow. This is why, for example, true believers such as Barack Obama only purchase property guaranteed safe from rising sea levels and … oh, wait …

However, the faithful defenders are persistent in their pursuit of truth. They demand that you either believe them or lie to your ears and eyes. Recently circulated photographs of Sydney Harbor from around 140 years ago are the latest example.

Let the indignation begin with Reuters

Experts told Reuters that it is impossible to measure sea level rise by comparing images from the same location.

Oh, really. Tell us.

The photographs may reflect “different tidal stages,” Gary Griggs, Distinguished Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz, told Reuters.

Professor Griggs stated that satellites orbiting in space have recorded an absolute global rate for sea level rise since 1993.

“This rate has averaged 3.42 mm/yr. However, the rate has increased to 4.77mm/yr in the past decade. over the past 10 years,” he said.

It begs the obvious question: How are sea levels determined by satellite? The method involves a large dipstick that is hung from one end of the ocean.

Satellite altimetry relies on timing. The time taken for radar pulses hitting the ocean surface to bounce back from the spacecraft can measure the sea-surface height. The same principle applies to laser altimetry, where the laser pulses bounce off sea-ice or land-ice surfaces. This method, however, requires precise information about satellite altitude and the terrestrial reference frame. (See question regarding how NASA studies sea-level change). For accurate altimetry measurements to be made, it is important that there are extensive calibrations.

So, we’re depending on NASA knowing exactly how high their and others’ satellites are flying to keep tabs on the ocean level. It’s good to have this information.

Now, as most have noticed, when you pour water into a container, the water level rises evenly, even when the container’s surface is irregular. It is obvious that oceans have more intricate surfaces than your ordinary terrarium. Additionally, earthquakes and volcanoes can alter the sea floor. Even with all these variables, you would expect that sea levels would not change over time. They could either rise or fall or remain the same. Instead, according to a map on NASA’s site, the change has been wildly inconsistent for going on 20 years. This is quite amazing.

One also wonders where those pesky signs of rising seas may be. Is it possible that islands are being submerged? Are portside towns going glub glub? Are there more harbors? Uh, no. But hey — EXPERTS!

“Local rates, whether Sydney or San Diego, provide sea level changes relative to land. Different rates will be generated depending on whether the land is sinking or rising. So, in Sydney, the land has been rising over the period of tide gauge measurements producing lower than global sea level rise rates,” he (Gary Griggs, Distinguished Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz) added.

How convenient. In the meantime, let’s party on Martha’s Vineyard like it’s 1999, celebrating how it will still be there in 2099 and beyond.

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