University’s ‘Latinx’ Coalition Demands a Race-Based Revolution so Members Can ‘Thrive’ – Opinion

Duke University has had some Hispanics have it. Therefore, they’re making monumental demands.

The Chronicle’s guest column states that the teams have come together for an amazing first.

The first time that Latinx groups at Duke have unified to support the Latinx community’s interests, it is the first. They are a result of all the tireless advocacy Latinx students made for an equitable campus.

The alliance asserts Duke has a “rich” Latino history. However, students have “time and again reported feelings of otherness or invisibility.”

Per the piece, many Latin organizations were formed to create “safe spaces” so Hispanics could feel comfortable. These attempts were tragically unsuccessful.

And why? “Microaggressions.”

Such problems, the association asserts, go deep “within the structure of the university.”

Whoever penned the op-ed was a master of modernity; the first paragraph alone employs a woke-word Who’s Who.

These concepts are:

  • Spaces that are safe
  • Structural racism
  • Microaggressions
  • The Community
  • Being visible
  • Additional
  • Marginalized
  • Equity

The opening additionally hammers home “Latinx” — a term, per a 2020 report, unused by 97% of American Hispanics.

In the first four sentences, it’s employed five times.

As a result, the demands can be met with equal shrewdness:

  • We are demanding that Duke create a Latinx Cultural Center on Campus.
  • We demand that co-chairs of Latino Student Recruitment Weekend (LSRW) receive payment, as well as LSRW become fully funded from outside Latinx organizations’ annual budget.
  • We demand Duke establish a permanent, easily accessible fund for Latinx organizations’ graduation, stoles, and awards
  • We want Duke University to increase Latinx representation in its faculty and staff.
  • We want Duke University to increase Latinx representation in its faculty and staff.
  • We insist on Duke restoring merit scholarships to students from Latin America.
  • We insist on Duke restoring merit scholarships to students from Latin America.
  • We are requesting that Duke expand its recruitment efforts in Latinx-populated areas of the city.
  • We demand a President’s Council on Latinx Affairs.

They might prefer to attend their school. The list doesn’t suggest a firm “no.”

Or both:

The demands…are the bare minimum for Latinx students to thrive…

The college environment today is quite different from what it was a few decades ago. A degree could have been obtained decades ago even if one had never heard about race-specific groups.

Back then, Americans’ “communities” were the neighborhoods in which they lived; safety wasn’t secured by sticking to similar shades of skin; recognition by others didn’t determine one’s sense of being; and less common traits were merely “marginal” — a benign state — rather than “marginalized” — the result of malignant oppression.

We’ve come a far ways, indeed.

Can the coalition achieve all that they desire? Perhaps.

We’re living in an era of students standing up: In March at American University, students demanded they be forced to wear masks. The Black Student Union at Tulane University demanded tuition free of charge and compensation two years ago. Last year at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, attendees demanded a ban on “white supremacists” such as pro-life groups.

Microaggressions are modern killers.

Hopefully, everything will work out best — for all 12 demanding Duke organizations:

  • Mi Gente
  • Brazilian Student Association
  • La Unidad Latina
  • Lambda Upsilon Lambda
  • Rho Chapter
  • Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority
  • Zeta Mu Chapter
  • Latinx Business Organization
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
  • Latinx/a Women’s Alliance
  • America: The Definition
  • Latin American Student Organization



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