Tucker Talks to Wisconsin Pro-Life Leader Whose Group’s Office Was Terrorized

The networks cannot touch the threatening vandalism, fire-bombings and unwelcome threats to pro-life groups’ offices in Madison, Wisconsin. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson invited Juliane Appling, Wisconsin Family Action’s leader, onto Monday’s Fox News program.

In general, she is happy with the attention received by national media. Some coverage seemed a bit passive. AP suggested that “a fire broke out.”

CARLSON:  “A fire broke out.” It’s a terrible thing to have to do that. It’s got to be painful since it was your office that was firebombed. How do you feel about the media coverage?

JULIANE. APPLING. Well, Tucker has done a great job and it was quite amazing to watch this coverage go all the way to national. You know, we’re an advocacy group, an educational group. The Christian perspective is what we use to address the current issues. To be completely honest, I was unsure what to do when I discovered that there had been Molotov cocktails, fires started, and graffiti on our outside walls. There has been mixed coverage. I’ve talked to some media outlets where, you know, basically they said that, “Hey, you guys did this. It’s an inside job.” Yeah, right. Our office is going to be destroyed. It’s patently false.

Overall though, I have to say that, except for referring to us in anti-abortion terms, which is something we prefer, our coverage has been balanced at both the local and national levels. Because we have the evidence. It’s like I’m walking on glass at work. We have a major cleanup job ahead of us in more order to get back to business as normal and Tucker, may I say, you are exactly right in your monologue. It is because I hold a Christian worldview and live it when I am in the legislature or in church or in public speaking to the media. This is what matters most.

Appling didn’t seem intimidated, which was very encouraging. 

CARLSON:  You know, not every Christian leader fairly represents Christianity. Unfortunately, there are many poor Christian leaders. However, Christians, as you all know, are some of the kindest and most dedicated to human rights. There is no other group more dedicated than me. Why are they so hateful of you?

APPLING It has been 25 years since I started in this field. It’s a fact that they will find any way to make you feel insignificant, or to shut you down, if there is an obstruction to the liberal agenda. They even claimed that their ultimate goal is to demolish us. They tried it on Sunday morning under the cover of darkness, when they attacked my office. It was their ultimate goal. They wanted us to leave. They want us silenced, so I can tell you that they chose the wrong group. Because this has made us stronger. We are now more confident. We won’t be quiet. We won’t be silent. We speak truth. People are being helped. We encourage people to speak out on issues. They have to shut us down in order for us to not hinder their agenda, which is to destroy Christianity. [go away] — exactly, exactly.

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