Nebraska and West Virginia Primaries – Opinion

It’s Tuesday! Which makes it Primary Day in Nebraska and West Virginia, and voters are heading to the polls to select their nominees for the U.S. House — and in Nebraska, for Governor.

Given President Trump’s endorsement of gubernatorial candidate Charles Herbster in Nebraska, that race will likely draw the primary focus. Per his website, Herbster is a “fifth-generation farmer and rancher” from Falls City, Nebraska. Trump had endorsed Herbster in October 2021.  Now, however, he’s been “accused of groping” several women — allegations he staunchly denies. Pete Ricketts has been termed out and nine GOP candidates have applied for the vacant spot. Ricketts supported Jim Pillen, the founder of Pillen Family Farms located in Columbus. Polls reportedly show Herbster and Pillen “roughly even,” with State Senator Brett Lindstrom remaining within striking distance. Two Democrat gubernatorial hopefuls are Carol Blood and Roy Harris.

For Nebraska’s Congressional races, Democrats Patty Brooks and Jazari Zakaria are facing off in House District 1, Alisha Shelton and Tony Vargas in District 2, and Daniel Wik and David Else in District 3. (Click the “Change Race” option at the upper right of each map to toggle between the races.)

Five GOP candidates, Curtis Huffman and Jeff Fortenberry are running for House District 1 nomination. Thireena Coronely, John Weaver (Mike Flood), Curtis Huffman and Thireena Coonly also run. In the Second District, it’s between Don Bacon and Steve Kuehl. And in the Third District, it’s Adrian Smith versus Mike Calhoun.

There are now two House seats in West Virginia. It is a drop from the previous three Congressional districts of three to just two. Lacy Watson in the First District will be running unopposed for the Democratic primary. The GOP candidates are Scott Fuller, Zane Lawhorn and Zane Lawhorn.

More Republican candidates are vying for the Second District. Five other candidates are also in this race: Mike Seckman (Alexander Mooney), Rhonda Hercules and Susan Buchser–Lochocki. Trump endorsed Mooney, but it’s an incumbent versus incumbent battle between him and McKinley, thanks to Congressional redistricting. Angela Dwyer (Democratic candidate) and Barry Wendell (Democratic candidate).

Live results are available below. Stay tuned to RedState for all the latest coverage of the election throughout Wednesday night.


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