Tucker Carlson RIPS MSNBC Kook for Comparing GOP to Hamas, IRA

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson criticized MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson for calling the Republican Party “a dimestore front for terrorist movements” in his Friday monologue. This was part of an observation about the Democrats’ midterm election strategy that exploited the Jan 6 Riot. This exercise is designed to define any opposition to Democratic Party as domestic terrorist as they lose the midterm elections. Some Democrats just say that loudly. 

Carlson avoided all the humor on Baltimore’s professor’s site: “Fresh and unflappable, objective, his reputation for breaking down stories with witticisms and candor is what he is famous for.” That’s what Mr. Objective said on Thursday’s White House Deadline 

JASON JOHNSON : It’s not known if Trump will make it on the ballot. Trump being on the 2020 ballot is the most easy thing for Democrats, as you can run against any bad guy.

The bigger and more dangerous thing is what I consider, something I have been saying for some time. I’m working hard to never say Republican Party again because they’re not a party. They are Sinn Fein for the IRA. They act as a dimestore for terrorist groups. 

Their 2020 policy was not in place, except for Trump loyality. Just announced: The New York Times today, I think I saw the article where they’re asking their 2024 nominees to not engage in presidential debates. They are no longer part of a party.

Nobody expects “independent fact-checkers to find out” that the Republican Party isn’t a terrorist organization. Tucker Carlson answered: 

Front for terrorist movements. Are they actually saying what they claim? It’s hard to know if they really mean what they say. It’s almost like they are. That’s what is the problem.

What did other people do when the U.S. government declared those who are not in line with their political opinions terrorists? The truth is that there really is one and only way to do it, and it’s not violent. This is the best way. Don’t be afraid to join in. Do not pretend that they are sincere. They are not sincere. You must tell the truth. Be honest. It is preferable to extend the middle finger.

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