Tsunami and Huge Underwater Volcano Hit Tonga, Alert Issued for the Entire US West Coast – Opinion

A 7.4 magnitude earthquake was caused by an undersea volcano eruption close to Tonga, a Pacific island country.

You can see it from space, it’s that huge, if you watch this video.

The air is reportedly so thick with ash, it’s gone pitch black in Tonga.

Here’s the tsunami hitting Tonga.

Daily Mail

Mere Taufa claimed that she was at her home getting ready to cook dinner when the volcano burst.

‘It was massive, the ground shook, our house was shaking. It arrived in waves. My younger brother thought bombs were exploding nearby,’ Taufa told the Stuff news website.

The water was able to fill their house within minutes, and then she witnessed the wall in a neighboring home collapse.

‘We just knew straight away it was a tsunami. Only water was gushing into the home.

‘You could just hear screams everywhere, people screaming for safety, for everyone to get to higher ground.’

According to the Independent, clouds 12 miles high and three miles wide formed above the Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai volcano spewing ash, gas, and steam into the atmosphere. They called it “one of the most violent volcano eruptions ever captured on satellite.”

According to reports, the thunderous sound could be heard miles away from the Pacific coast. U.S. National Weather Service warns people to avoid the beaches and Santa Cruz police order the evacuation of marinas.

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