‘Truth Social’ Gives Taylor Lorenz a Taste of Her Own Medicine – Opinion

Despite her no good, very bad, horrible week last week, Washington Post “technology reporter/columnist” Taylor Lorenz is still at it, spurred on in part by other supposed “reporters” who should know better than to enable someone who does such a disservice to the journalism industry but who, as it turns out, evidently don’t seem to care.

When last we left you, Lorenz appeared on CNN media hall monitor Brian Stelter’s Sunday show “Reliable Sources” where she continued to lie, and further tried to defend herself by suggesting that she’d had a supposed concern that the “Libs of TikTok” (LoTT) Twitter account, which she doxxed as part of a “report” outing the person behind the account, “could have been a foreign actor.”

It was a curious claim considering some of the information Lorenz obtained about LoTT reportedly came from someone who worked for an “open-source project” group that according to Fox News host Tucker Carlson is being funded by the German government’s Federal Ministry of Education.

In a hilarious twist to the Lorenz saga, the woman whose job it is to stoke online harassment of random social media users, many of who are private citizens, in an effort to get them suspended or banned from the platforms she “catches” them on – effectively “canceling” them, says that “TRUTH Social” has suspended her account:

Many readers are familiar with TRUTH Social as the social media platform that was founded by ex-President Donald Trump. It’s still in beta-testing at this point, and in remarks given to Fox News, Trump noted he’d be staying on TRUTH Social rather than return to Twitter in the event Elon Musk, who Twitter says they’ve entered into a “definitive agreement” to sell their operation to, lifts the ban they put on Trump shortly after the January 2021 Capitol riot.

We reported that Lorenz appeared on MSNBC earlier in the month for an interview where she claimed her personal data had been posted online. Because of that, she tearfully said she had “severe PTSD” and had contemplated suicide due to the amount of online harassment she alleges she’s received as a result of doing her job – which, in a nutshell, involves the online harassment of social media users, some of who post anonymously out of fear of retribution from their opposition and/or their employers.

Watch the following video for those who have missed it:

Lorenz’s longstanding history includes wanting both sides to the table when it comes online harassment or censorship. While we have no independent confirmation that Lorenz indeed was suspended from TRUTH Social, surely even she should understand that a company founded by Trump will have no qualms about using the left’s own tactics against them.

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