Trump Was Winning Even Before He Began Speaking at Rally Tonight – Opinion

Today, President Donald Trump spoke at a rally held in Florence, Arizona.

Even before he even opened his mouth, however, he was already in the winning column.

Trump is trying to be a sort of kingmaker going into the midterm election. That’s already seemingly having a big effect on the various races.

Rep. John Katko of Rhode Island (RINONY), is one of 10 Republicans to be elected. voted to impeach Trump,You have decided not to run again for office on Friday. Katko also supported a bill that would have created a commission to examine the Jan. 6riot. This commission was rejected. It is likely that he knows that running again would put him in serious trouble. Andrew McCarthy (pro-Trump) was his opponent. It is called the third House Republican Who voted in favor of impeachment but is now quitting. Rep. Adam Kinzinger of the RINO-IL and Rep. Anthony Gonzalez from Ohio are the other two.

Then there was a GOP gubernatorial candidate challenging the Trump-endorsed gubernatorial candidate in Arizona, where he’s speaking tonight. Kimberly Yee actually resigned from the race just hours before and stated that she would be running for state treasurer reelection. Trump has endorsed Kari Lake (a Phoenix TV anchor).

Lake attended the Save America rally in Florence tonight, at Canyon Moon Ranch. He was joined by a huge crowd of Trump supporters.

Trump came out the box swinging mocking Biden and ripping into his failings on supply chain issues such as inflation. He spent a lot of time focused on Biden, pointing to his horrible approval ratings and saying Biden didn’t know what he was doing.

Trump also attacked the inequitable treatment of Jan.6 defendants.

He spoke out about the differences between BLM/Antifa riots and Capitol Riots. When Sen. Ted Cruz (Republican from Texas) questioned an FBI official regarding the Jan. 6 involvement of FBI informants, he also brought up the recently raised questions. He then bashed the Jan. 6 Committee as “the unselect committee of political hacks.”

Trump hit on mandates, saying “enough is enough,” and that people had to take their lives back.

“I’m proud I was the anti-mandate president,” Trump declared. “We gave Biden every tool he could want…He’s incapable.”

Finally, while he didn’t say he was going to run again, he said, “[W]e are going to take back the White House” in 2024, and he predicted a big win for Republicans in 2022.

“A great red wave is going to begin right here in Arizona,” Trump exclaimed. “This is the year we take back the House, this is the year we take back the Senate, and this is the year we take back America.”

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