7 Storage Tips for Preserving a Challenge Coin Collection

7 Storage Tips for Preserving a Challenge Coin Collection

Challenge coins are a beautiful reminder of your milestones, achievements, and service. Whether you served in the military, worked in a company, or are part of a fraternity, challenge coins represent the friendships and bonds created during that period of your life. Because challenge coins are such precious items, it is important that you care for them and preserve them so that you can proudly display them for years to come.

1- Protect the Coins from the Harsh Climatic Conditions

Challenge coins are precious items and are vulnerable to harsh elements of nature. Direct exposure to sunlight, moisture and, heat will cause damage to the coins. The best way to protect your challenge coins from these elements is to store them in a sleeve or pouch. The sleeve or pouch will ensure that the coin is protected from the elements at all times.

2- Clean Using Warm Water

Always clean the coin using warm water to keep the coin looking bright and shiny. Hold the coin under warm running water for at least a minute and place them on a towel to dry. It is not advisable to rub the coins as that might damage the surface.

3- Dip in Olive Oil

Some challenge coins are made from precious metals and require more cleaning care. The best solution to clean these rare coins is to soak them in olive oil. Olive oil has been used to restore and clean challenge coins for many years. Soak your challenge coin in olive for a day or two. Be sure to change the oil once it starts to discolor. Clean the coins with soap and water once you remove them from the oil.

4- Use Distilled Water

Some grime and gunk may require more than just warm water. Use distilled water if you notice that warm water is not getting the job done. Distilled water is gentle to the coin and removes all the grime and dirt without changing the coin’s appearance. Soak the coin in distilled water for a day. Once you remove the coin, brush it softly with a soft toothbrush to remove all the dirt and place it on a towel to dry.

5- Use a Soap Solution

Soak the coins in a soap water solution if they contain tough stains. Dish soap is recommended because it is gentle. Soak the coins individually. Using a soft toothbrush, clean the coins gently while in the solution. This will restore the shine in your coins.

6- Use an Isopropyl Alcohol Bath

An isopropyl alcohol bath is a mildly acidic solvent that works well for tough stains and built-up dirt. Mix equal parts of the solvent with water and soak your coin for two hours. Rinse the coin with plenty of warm water after the soak.

7- Professional Help

Sometimes it is best to hand over your coin to an expert who will assess the needs of your challenge coin collection and clean and restore them effortlessly while avoiding any damage.

Challenge coins are precious items and should be handled with care and love to preserve them for years to come.

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