Activists Literally Bury Their Heads in the Sand to Protest Climate Change: ‘How Ironic’

Activists in Sydney buried their heads in the sand on Friday as part of a week-long climate protest.

Nearly 150 protesters flocked to one of Australia’s most iconic beaches to take part, reported.

The stunt was part of a week-long series of protests organized by Extinction Rebellion, one of the most prominent environmental groups in the world.

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“As we face into the Climate Emergency, it seems many around us have their heads in the sand, afraid to face the reality of what is coming,” the group said in a Facebook post about the event.


Dozens of climate protesters were arrested in Brisbane earlier in the day after they shut down the William Jolly Bridge.

Some local residents expressed disappointment with the activists’ methods.

“It’s highly frustrating, it’s disrespectful … the fact that they’re causing so much disruption to other people is unacceptable,” one woman told local radio station 3AW.

Meanwhile, many commenters on social media were also critical of the protesters – especially when it came to Friday’s spectacle.

“I am sorry. But these people really have some issues!” tweeted Australian politician Vaughn Williams.

“How ironic that they have their heads in the sand [because] in reality, they do [by] listening to the [wack] jobs in the media and [pseudo-scientists] making crap up to get more money,” one commenter said in a tweet.

Climate change activism is all the rage

Climate change has become one of the most contentious issues in American and global politics.

Some of the most visible figureheads of progressive ideology, such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Greta Thunberg, count climate change among their pet issues.

Detractors argue that the climate change doomsaying pushed by the movement’s most visible personalities is overblown.

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The effect the climate conversation has had on children has also become a topic of conversation. A group of psychologists and researchers told Reuters last month that adults should acknowledge youth’s worries about climate change by encouraging them to take “positive” action – such as attending protests.

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