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Trump Slams Fox News for ‘Going Left’ ― Tells Conservatives to Find a ‘New News Outlet’

President Donald Trump slammed Fox News on Wednesday, accusing the network of “heavily promoting the Democrats” and calling on his supporters to “start looking for a new News Outlet.”

Trump delivered the takedown in a series of tweets to his nearly 64 million followers. He was apparently responding to a Fox News interview earlier in the day with Xochitl Hinojosa, the communications director for the Democratic National Committee, in which she discussed next month’s Democratic presidential debate.

In his tweets, Trump said Hinojosa had been “spewing out whatever she wanted with zero pushback” from anchor Sandra Smith.

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“HOPELESS & CLUELESS!” Trump tweeted. “They should go all the way LEFT and I will still find a way to Win – That’s what I do, Win. Too Bad!…”
Finally, he declared “We have to start looking for a new News Outlet. Fox isn’t working for us anymore!”

Guy Benson, a Fox News contributor, responded with a tweet saying, “We don’t work for you.”

Why Donald Trump slams Fox News

Fox News is generally seen as supportive of Trump, and liberals have often condemned the network as right-wing propaganda. New Yorker investigative journalist in March accused it of being an “arm of the White House.”

However, Trump has previously accused Fox News of shifting leftward in its politics, including as recently as last Sunday.

“Fox has changed,” Trump told reporters. “There’s something going on at Fox, I’ll tell you right now and I’m not happy with it.”

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Fox anchors quickly rejected the claim.

In March, when Fox News reportedly suspected Jeanine Pirro ― apparently for questioning whether Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Minnesota Democrat, practices sharia law ― Trump demanded the host be reinstated, which she eventually was.

Former Sheriff David Clarke went further at the time, calling for a “viewer revolt” over Pirro’s punishment. He blamed Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch’s sons for undermining the network’s conservative character.

“Things at Fox News are a changin’,” Clarke tweeted. “They now lean center left.”

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