Trump says Texas’s challenge to his election loss is “the big one.”

President Donald Trump on Wednesday proclaimed on Twitter that the federal government “will be INTERVENING” in a long-shot Texas lawsuit challenging the results of the presidential election he lost to Joe Biden, adding that the case — which comes as Trump and his allies are on a historic streak of losing legal challenges — is “the big one.”

The case is the handiwork of staunch Trump ally Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (who is under federal investigation and hence could benefit from a potential presidential pardon). Paxton’s lawsuit asks the Supreme Court to block four states where Biden won the popular vote — Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia — from casting electoral votes for Biden.

It’s not exactly clear what Trump meant in promising to “intervene” in the lawsuit, which has the support of 17 other Republican state attorneys general who on Wednesday filed an amicus brief rife with flawed arguments.

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