What Evidence Do I Need In a Bus Accident Claim?

Have you been in a bus accident, and you are not sure how to go about filing a claim? First things first, remember that you are not the one who should be held liable for your injuries or the accident itself. The knowledgeable and experienced bus accident lawyers at Salamati Law Firm in Los Angeles,CA have provided important key pieces of evidence that you will need to back up your accident claim. These are essential to file your case accurately and to ensure you are fairly compensated after your bus accident. Not to mention, if you have been hospitalized due to injury, you deserve to have those hospital bills taken care of as well. 

If you have not done so already, it is very important to reach out to a law firm that specializes in bus accident claims for a consultation. Many law firms offer free consultations, so that you can collect the various requirements of what you need to get started on filing a claim. 

From there, you need to think about how to prove that the bus company or driver is at fault in the situation. What is the evidence you have, based on the accident and your personal records? Here’s everything you need to consider before going in to a law firm consultation: 

  1. Hospitalization
    Did you suffer injuries from the bus accident that landed you in the hospital? If so, make sure you have a copy of those records. After all, you do need to prove that the bus caused your injuries in order to file a claim.
  2. Photos/Witnesses
    Ever seen an episode of Law & Order? In order to file a claim, you need all the evidence you can get, which includes any photos from the accident, or eyewitness testimony. This only makes your argument stronger.
  3. Data/Logs
    Go over the maintenance logs from the bus, and the bus driver’s personal data as well. Many buses have cameras for safety and can help you piece together the accident, or you may find something was wrong with the internal maintenance of the bus. All of this will back you up!

  4. Accident reconstruction
    Did you know that some people are paid to piece an accident back together? Think about the show Dexter, with less blood. There are even people out there who professional piece together bus accidents, to prove or disprove liability. As a passenger, you are not liable, so you want to have one of these guys on your side to strengthen your case. 

Before going in for your law firm consultation, make sure you have all of these things ready to go. That way you’re better prepared to present the facts to your new lawyer, and they can accurately help you when moving forward to file a claim. Bus accidents are incredibly unique, because there are many different factors to consider when figuring out who is liable. 

Remember that as a passenger, you are not at fault. The accident could be any range of things, but you were supposed to be cared for in those moments. You trusted a bus driver and company to get you safely to your destination, and they failed you. Especially if you are injured, you are entitled to fair compensation. 

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