TRIGGERED? Atlantic’s David Frum Claps Back After Elon Musk Calls Him a ‘Megadouche’

Atlantic’s insufferable staff writer David Frum appears to have been triggered that the world’s richest man insulted him on Twitter.

The Post Millennial released a report on Frum’s political hypocrisy. Frum went afterTesla CEO Elon Musk was criticized for posting a humorous meme. The meme compared Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler following the former’s forceful crackdown on truckers  protesting Canada’s draconian COVID-19 policies. The Post Millennial pointed out that Frum is the last person who should complain about Musk’s meme. Frum was elected to the November 2020 Frum comparedMillion MAGA March, Washington, D.C., with a photograph of a Nazi rally. Musk decimatedFrum’s sanctimony as a reply to The Post Millennial report on Twitter: “Hypocritical megadouche!” Frum didn’t take kindly to Musk’s swipe and whined that Musk was trolling him: “Isn’t it kind of worrying that a major corporate figure would be gullible enough to rely on a tweet from the @TPostMillennial as an information source?”

Frum cannot have seen that The Post Millennial He had included his tweet in which he compared pro-Trump events with Nazi rallies. 

Frum was then arbitrarily compared his exchange with Musk to the experiences of his “female colleagues at @TheAtlantic.” Really.

If Frum’s behavior wasn’t cringe worthy enough, he even took to pleading his followers to do business with Musk’s competitor Ford Motors.

Conservatives are being attacked. Contact The Atlantic at (202) 266-6000 and demand it distance itself from Frum’s nonsense.

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