Top Advantages of Opening a Franchise

Top Advantages of Opening a Franchise

A franchise is a popular business model across the world. It is an arrangement where a person buys into an established and successful business that has a proven training program, a strong supply chain, and expert technical support.

When thinking of starting a business, most people tend to prefer franchising because of the perceived guaranteed success. Buying an existing business is a much faster process than starting one from scratch says experts from ExitAdviser. However, this is not always the case. As such, it is important to conduct proper research about a franchise before buying into it.

Here are some of the top advantages of opening a franchise:

High success rate

One of the main reasons why entrepreneurs opt for franchising is the low chances of failing. This is because a franchise gives you an opportunity to become part of an already established business model. Studies show that franchise businesses have higher chances of succeeding compared to businesses that start from scratch.

For example, you will find all the infrastructure needed to succeed in place. You won’t have to struggle with coming up with training programs or marketing strategies of your own. All you need is to know how to implement them in your franchise business.

Business support

Franchise business owners get a lot of support from the parent company throughout the lifetime of the business. In fact, most franchises are turnkey operations.

This means when you purchase a franchise business, you will be given almost everything you need to run the business. This includes supplies, equipment, and instructions to help you run the business effectively.

Besides, you may also receive ongoing or refresher training as well as support in management and marketing. For instance, your franchise business is likely to benefit from national campaigns conducted by the parent company.

Increased profits

A franchise business can make a lot of profits if properly managed. This is because of the strong and effective marketing strategies already developed by the parent company.

You will have little or even no work to do when it comes to promoting the products. Your business will make more sales because the products you are dealing with are already popular among people.


The most common challenges faced by many entrepreneurs in terms of expansion is a lack of capital to expand their businesses. Franchising is preferred by most business owners because it gives them an opportunity to expand without the cost of equity or risk of debt.

First of all, a franchise will provide you with the capital necessary to open and operate a new unit. In other words, it allows you to expand using the resources of other people. By using other people’s capital, you can easily expand your franchise business without being affected by debts.

Ease of supervision

Franchising also has significant benefits if looked at from a managerial point of view. To start with, as a franchisor you don’t have to monitor the daily operations of every franchising unit.

For example, if a crew member or shit leader calls that he or she is sick at night, they will not be calling you but your franchisee. This gives you peace of mind and helps you to focus on other important issues of the business.

Improved valuations

When factors such as increased profitability, faster growth, and ease of supervision are combined, it gives a franchise a positive outlook. This increased the value of the franchise business both locally and regionally.

When a time comes that you want to sell the business, you are likely to rake in some good money because you are already a successful franchisor.

Bottom line

Starting a business from scratch or expanding an existing one is always a challenge to many people. This is where franchising comes in. Franchising offers you an opportunity to become part of an already established business.

You won’t have to start from scratch because most of the things such as marketing strategies, management structures, and equipment are already available.

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