What Household Moving Will Look Like in 2021

What Household Moving Will Look Like in 2021

2020 was a strange year, to say least. Almost every aspect of life, from social gatherings to workplace norms, was affected by the pandemic. The best practices for household moves also changed because of the virus. Now, it’s time to ask ourselves what things will be like in 2021. Vaccinations against the virus have already begun, but cases and deaths are continuing to ravage many human populations. This means you should take the pandemic into account if you are planning to move in 2021. While things might start approaching pre-pandemic norms, we’re still in for further challenges. Here’s what to expect in the world of household moving in 2021.

Greater Hygiene And Social Distaning Measures Throughout The Process

With a pandemic continuing to negatively impact public health, people are going to be especially careful while moving in 2021. When showing a house, homeowners will make sure to impose strict social distancing measures and keep the rooms sterilized. When moving into a new home or touring houses themselves, they’ll want to wipe down surfaces and avoid crowding.

Increased Focus On DIY Moves

To lessen the risk of infection, people are going to cut down on the total number of human interactions during the moving process. One way to do this is by moving yourself without the help of professional movers. A DIY move might be a bit more work, but it makes social distancing a whole lot easier.

Increased Use Of Portable Storage Devices

Portable storage devices are a great resource during a move, especially when you’re trying to cut down on contact with people. By hiring one of these units, filling it up in front of your home, and then having it transported when the time comes, you can more easily execute a DIY move.

Sticking With Helpers Who Are Already Within Your Bubble

Moving is a lot of work, especially when you forego professional movers. Many of us are in the habit of enlisting an army of volunteers to assist with the grunt work and heavy lifting. In the midst of the pandemic, these teams of helpers will have to be smaller. You’d be well advised to seek help only from friends, family, and co-workers who are already inside your personal covid bubble.

Less Immediate Interactions With Neighbors

When moving into a new area, we’re often eager to meet the new neighbors. Extroverts in particular like the idea of welcoming new friends or chatting up whoever they see. Unfortunately, we’re all going to have to be careful about the casual friendliness we normally employ. In 2021, the best practice is to greet your new neighbors from afar and avoid congregating in indoor spaces.

More Streamlined Process

In general, people are going to want their moves to be as quick and streamlined as possible in 2021. A long, drawn out process will only invite more interactions and increase the risk of infections. The less negotiating, touring, and debating that takes place, the safer the entire process will be. From doing more research online to making more realistic offers from the get go, buyers and sellers alike will look to complete sales in an easy, timely fashion.

Contactless Interactions With Companies

In the past, we often appreciated face-to-face contacts with business while moving. After all, talking to an actual person significantly increases our sense of trust toward a company. With a pandemic raging around us, however, it makes sense to take advantage of contactless options whenever possible. Storage facilities, rental truck companies, and all sorts of other businesses offer contactless options. In 2021, these types of transactions will be more popular than ever before.

Moving to a new home will certainly be possible in 2021, but the process might look a little different than it did in years past. The abovementioned changes are all likely as people seek out new homes in the middle of a devastating public health crisis.

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