Top 8 Best Running Boards and Side Steps in 2021

Top 8 Best Running Boards and Side Steps in 2021

Trucks and SUVs are often very high vehicles. They can be difficult to step into if you don’t have nerf bars or running boards. There are a lot of running boards, nerf bars and side steps on the market. So, how do you know which to choose? The following are some of the best options for running boards.

1) ProZ Premium Running Boards

These running boards have a wide step for extra comfort and support. They are made of high-quality materials and feature a texturized step pad. They are a great choice if you want something that will be reliable long-term.

2) Westin Sure Grip Aluminum Running Boards

These boards benefit from the rust- and corrosion-resistant nature of aluminum. They look great on almost any truck. Plus, they are made to fit easily onto your truck. Westin is often viewed as a top brand in this space. The molded polymer endcaps give them an eye-catching look.

3) APS 6” iStep Side Steps

This six-inch step is ideal if you have an especially large truck. The running boards have a fairly basic design with a box-shaped profile. They can mount easily with the included hardware. The texturized step will help you keep your grip.

4) Aries 3” Rocker Steps

This is a much lower-profile design compared to some of the others. They are also a little more off-road-focused. Whereas most running boards are intended to be sleek and modern, these have a more rugged look. Plus, their construction lives up to the design. You can count on these when you are on the trail.

5) Raptor Series 6” OE Running Boards

These running boards can easily take the place of stock parts. They have two polymer endcaps for design and to protect the aluminum body from scratching. Additionally, there are rubberized step pads in front of each door.

6) Aries 6.5” RidgeStep Commercial Running Boards

This is another great option if you want something more rugged. They are designed for use on commercial trucks. Therefore, they are intended for some serious beatings. They are finished in powder-coated and texturized steel.

7) Steelcraft STX500 Running Boards

This is a sleek, black style of running board that fits many trucks handsomely. They use the original equipment mounting points for easy installation. Additionally, they are designed to offer the best possible durability.

8) Black Horse Off Road Armour Running Boards

As the name suggests, these are intended for off-road usage. They will help to protect your vehicle while also giving you a convenient step into the cabin. The step pads are ultra-durable and can offer you good traction even in the most extreme weather.

Get Your Running Boards Today Whether you opt for sleek running boards or matte black nerf bars, having an extra step on your truck is worthwhile. The above eight suggestions will help you to find some of the best running boards you can find. Check them out today and find the ones that will work best for your truck or SUV. You’ll be glad you did when you take your first step into your truck with new boards.

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