Shalom Lamm Expresses the Importance of Advertising Your Business

Ever wondered why advertising a business is very important? Entrepreneur Shalom Lamm believes advertising is a way of influencing the behavior of a target customer audience to build a long lasting connection to the brand and product being advertised. After the connection is formed, it creates loyal customers. People benefit from investing in advertising due to the outcome it produces like; Targeting potential customers, creating awareness, growing business faster, influences customer behavior, promotes competition among businesses and influences consumer behavior, it also eliminates the middleman.

Advertising targets potential consumers who are new to the market by promoting new products which creates loyalty, trust and a long lasting connection to the business. This also makes the customers believe that the business is the best on the market.

Advertising creates awareness in such a way that the more people become aware of the new product and brand name, the more they become potential customers. This can be done through television, social media platforms, magazines, newspapers or blog posts.

Advertising grows a business faster by drawing more customers to the brand which increases the sales; It also increases traffic to the business giving it more views and reviews which also contribute to its growth.

Advertising promotes competition among other businesses targeting the same customers. By advertising on different platforms, one is able to reach a large number of consumers; If the advert is catchy, someone can easily change their mind and go in for what is being advertised hence making them stick to the brand; This puts one ahead of others in the same business.

Advertising connects the seller directly to the buyer hence eliminating the middleman. This means that all profits go directly to the owner of the business who is the seller.

Why Does Entrepreneur Shalom Lamm Strongly Encourage People to Advertise?

The answer comes from his own successes as a prominent real estate developer in New York, and leader of Operation Benjamin, which is a non profit organization that provides proper and affordable burials to Jewish heroes who passed on in World War II and were mistakenly buried under Latin crosses. He also studied from Yeshiva University where his father is President and earned a Master’s degree in American Military History. He also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy there and served in the Academic Senate for the school.

In conclusion, advertising is a major way of connecting different manufacturers, consumers, and sellers to buyers for the purpose of increasing sales. If advertising is carried out in the most professional way to cover all potential consumers then those doing it are expected to rip the most benefits.

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