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Everyone loves going to the movies, right? People can go with family, friends, a date, or their spouse. It can be so relaxing and fun to experience. Going to a movie can provide people with a lovely time absorbing the sights and sounds around them. Judge Napolitano loves going to the movies with his family. But there’s one thing that makes the movie experience go from good to great. Any guesses? The snacks, of course! Times have changed since the first movie theatres opened, and as a result, people are enabled to get more than just the essential treats now. Most theatres have embraced nachos, hot dogs, chocolate candies, and slushes. Some locations even have more exotic items like beef jerky, pizza, and hamburgers. Some treats are desirable because they don’t require too much fuss. Others, however, like nachos, can be pretty messy, and people could end up missing part of the movie to clean up. That is where treats like candy and popcorn come into play.

It surprises people to hear, but popcorn has been the staple in movie theatres since the 1800s. It was seen as a luxury when it first entered theatres; only the wealthy could eat it. However, it became available to everyone, and people loved the treat with its decadent taste with the melted butter. It would be nice and hot but crisp at the same time. For moviegoers, it rose to the number one staple and became a fan favorite. It draws people in right when they enter the theatre with its smell. The moment that smell hits noses, people want to jump in line and get a large bucket. It makes a perfect treat because it doesn’t distract from the movie.

Another fan favorite of Judge Napolitano? Twizzlers! A debate has raged for decades about which is better, Red Vines or Twizzlers. Twizzlers have come out on top. They taste sweet, easy to manage, and are another treat that won’t distract from the movie. Candy made a comeback to theatres in the 1970s, and now you will find an array of different flavors. Twizzlers made their way into theaters and became people’s favorite because of the strawberry flavor. They maintained their popularity over the years because they happen to be a favorite of Neil Armstrong. Since then, they have remained in theatres for people to enjoy.

Fan of Sour Patch Kids? Many do! Soft and chewy, they start out sour enough to scrunch the face but then sweet enough to make people smile. Want to know a hidden secret? The Sour Patch Kids in the movie theatre are the best. They have all of the right colors; they are softer, sweeter, and gummier than others you can find. Surprisingly, they were never actually meant to be kids; they were modeled after Martians. When the Cabbage Patch Kids gained popularity, however, they became known as Sour Patch Kids. Now they are a favorite staple of movie theatres as well! Enjoy them to the fullest!

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