Tips For Bicycle Lovers: How To Stay Safe On The Road

Riding a bicycle can be fun, liberating, and has a lot of health benefits. Many people love cycling as it’s great for strength and stamina, reduces stress levels, improves posture, and can prevent diseases. However, you need to remember that it’s still a vehicle that comes with its fair share of risks. The Governor’s Highway Safety Association reports more than 1,000 bicycle accident fatalities every year and states that roads are not getting any safer. In this article, we’ll be sharing our top tips to help you stay safe on the road and avoid accidents.


Before riding your bicycle, you must inspect it to make sure that all parts are secure. Inspection can also include:

  • Trying the brakes to make sure they’re working 
  • Checking that the tires are inflated 
  • Ensuring you have lights on the bike, especially if you’re driving at night
  • Ensuring that the bell 

Adjust Your Bicycle 

Don’t ride a bicycle that’s too big or too small for you. You should be able to slightly bend your knee when the leg is extended. The top bar also has to be at the same level as your seat. You must adjust your bicycle before you get on the road, that way you won’t have to stop in the middle of the road to do so.

Wear Your Gear

Not wearing protective gear is out of the question. You have to wear your helmet, knee protection, and elbow protection. Although some states don’t require cyclists to wear a helmet, wearing a properly fitted helmet can significantly reduce the risk of brain injuries including Traumatic Brain Injuries that can result in life-threatening complications. 

Follow All Road Rules

You have to cycle in the same direction as other cars on the road. If you’re riding in the opposite direction of the traffic flow, you can end up in a bad spot in case of a crash. You have to follow all the rules so that you’re never at fault.  Some safe riding tips involve:

  • Traveling at a safe speed
  • Avoiding sudden movements 
  • Ringing your bell when approaching pedestrians and allowing a meter of space at least
  • Giving hand signals when changing lanes

Obeying all traffic rules can ensure that you’ll receive proper compensation in case of an accident. According to Jim Pocrass, a well-known LA bicycle accident lawyer, the authorities will be able to determine which party was liable for the accident after proper investigation. When the other driver is held liable, you will be compensated for all the losses you have suffered, including medical bills and lost income.

Be On The Lookout For Road Hazards

You need to be extremely careful and vigilant when it comes to road hazards. Some of the hazards that you need to watch out for can include:

  • Holes
  • Uneven grounds
  • Gravels
  • Broken glass
  • Pavement cracks
  • Dogs
  • Train rails

Constantly assess your environment when you’re riding. Avoid wearing headphones so that you’re always well-aware of what’s happening. You need to be able to listen to other drivers, pedestrians, and any unusual sounds that can be signaling a hazard.

Wear Bright Clothes Or Reflective Materials

Wearing bright or reflective clothing can help you increase visibility and alert others on the road. Many bicycle accidents occur because the drivers on the road cannot see the cyclist.  For instance, you can wear fluorescent-colored t-shirts, reflective jackets or vests, eye-catching accessories to seize the spotlight and draw attention to yourself. You can also install reflectors on your tube, as well as bright lights at the front and back of the bicycle. This way you are less likely to get involved in an accident as a result of limited visibility. 

Avoid Sidewalks

You may think that sidewalks are the safest alternative. However, sidewalks are meant for pedestrians and can be very dangerous when busy, because you can easily crash and injure someone. The asphalt on the road is paved, but sidewalks are not always paved, so they can be uneven. There’s a chance that you can hit a crack and fall off. Besides, you should stay off the sidewalks to avoid getting hit by cars, as road drivers don’t expect bicyclists to come from there.

Taking all the right preventative measures can certainly reduce the risks of riding a bicycle. Remember to focus, limit any distractions and keep your eyes on the road. Follow these tips and try to ride as safely as you can, even if other people are not careful. One small action can prevent you from experiencing a dreadful accident.

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