The Different Types Of Lawyers And How To Choose The Right One For Your Case

There are many different types of lawyers, all with their own specialties, training, and focus.  When it comes to defending your rights, you need a legal representative who is as committed as you are to winning your case. You should never settle for an attorney who isn’t willing to work as hard for you in the courtroom as you would be willing to work at the job that led to your arrest in the first place. To determine which type of lawyer will best represent you, consider the types of lawyers available and how each one practices law.

The Family Law Attorney

If you are in the middle of a divorce, child custody battle, or other family law case, you need representation from a dedicated family lawyer who will do everything possible to ensure your rights and interests are protected throughout the arduous process. A good family lawyer will keep abreast of changes in case law and legislation that might affect your situation and work proactively to shield you from harm. Though every state sets minimum standards for practicing attorneys, you should carefully check any attorney’s background before hiring him to make sure his experience is relevant to your case. The American Bar Association provides a free directory where you can find qualified lawyers by location and area of expertise.

The Civil Litigation And Personal Injury Attorney

While many people are unfamiliar with the name, personal injury lawyers are some of the most commonly sought out attorneys in civil cases. Whether you were injured by a faulty product or medical malpractice, a good personal injury lawyer will investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident and fight to get you maximum compensation for your pain and suffering. You should thoroughly research any personal injury attorney before choosing him to represent you – while there is no shortage of competent representation, it never hurts to find an experienced litigator who has experience dealing with similar cases.

The Criminal Defense Lawyer

Your entire future depends upon how well your criminal defense lawyer performs in court on your behalf. As such, it is important that he not only has extensive experience with criminal cases but also has a proven track record of success when pleading with his clients’ cases before courts and juries. A criminal defense lawyer with an impressive list of successful defenses under his belt will put the prosecution to its proof, scrutinize the evidence presented by law enforcement, and question witnesses thoroughly in an attempt to create reasonable doubt about your guilt. Oakland is the fifth-largest city in California and as of 2019, there is a higher than average rate of violent crime and property crimes in the city. If you are charged with a local offense, you should hire an Oakland criminal defense lawyer immediately to protect your rights and defend you in court. If you won’t be able to afford a private attorney, consider looking for federal public defenders who handle civil cases (although they typically do not practice outside of federal court). Each state also has legal aid services that provide free representation for low-income individuals charged with crimes who cannot afford a private attorney.

The Business And Corporate Attorney

If you own your own business or interact regularly with companies that might sue or be sued in civil court, hiring a corporate lawyer is one of the best ways to protect yourself from legal trouble down the road. Corporations should be able to trust their lawyers to handle them with discretion and offer a strong defense if they are brought up on criminal charges or sued in civil court, whereas smaller companies might need a lawyer who understands the specific needs of small operations. A good corporate attorney will have experience placing businesses into bankruptcy when necessary and negotiating favorable settlements outside of court.

The Tax And Estate Planning Lawyer

Though many people don’t think about it until too late, estate planning is what protects your family members from having to deal with your financial affairs after you pass away. Much like the business attorney, the tax and estate planning lawyer you choose should understand how best to handle your money based on your unique situation. If your net worth is over one million dollars you should consider working with an estate planning attorney rather than simply a tax lawyer or vice versa.

There are several other types of lawyers who are worth considering if their areas of expertise match your own situation – patent attorneys, family law mediators, intellectual property lawyers, and real estate lawyers are just a few examples. If you are uncertain about your legal needs, you should consult with a family lawyer or tax attorney regarding what type of professional can help you best.

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