Vegan’s World Is Turned Upside Down After He Eats Meat and Orgasms for First Time in Months

Vegan’s World Is Turned Upside Down After He Eats Meat and Orgasms for First Time in Months

“I hadn’t ejaculated in months.”

A formerly vegan YouTube personality, who had not reached orgasm in months, revealed this month to his more than 175,000 subscribers that he was finally able to ejaculate after he deviated from his six-year long plant-based diet and ate meat.

Last November, 30-year-old Tim Shieff uploaded a video to YouTube describing how he was abandoning veganism in a bid to improve his deteriorating health. In mid-February, he addressed his flabbergasted followers in a new video entitled, “Am I still Vegan?”

The short answer: no.

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Shieff outlined the various health issues and complications he’d endured since his pre-vegan days, through more recent times on a strict, plant-based diet. “I couldn’t do push-ups without getting injured,” he said. After a 35-day water fast, Shieff bit the vegan bullet and ate animal products, which led him to feel “some improvement” in his health. The realization was a difficult one to swallow for the devoted vegan. And it resulted, Shieff said, in an “identity crisis.”

He tried returning to veganism but was disappointed with the impact the diet had on his health. This led him to a striking realization. “What if the veganism is the limitation on my health?” he said.

“When I actually consumed the animal products, my body appeared to feel something better,” Shieff added. “The first night after I had that salmon, I had a wet dream. I hadn’t ejaculated in months.”

In the video, Shieff anticipates backlash from the vegan community and from his ethics-conscious followers. “Do I not care? Am I not spiritual? Am I evil? Am I unconscious? All these things come to your mind,” he said apologetically. “But I don’t see myself as caring less. I don’t see myself as unethical or unspiritual.”

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Shieff, a freerunner who competed on the United Kingdom edition of “Ninja Warrior,” stepped down this month from the ethical clothing company, ETHCS, he co-founded . “When Tim told us of his intention to return to eating animal products, we were obviously very shocked and upset,” the company told Plant Based News.

“We did not feel that the company could continue with Tim living in a way that we perceived unethical. We owed that to the company, everyone that supports us, and to veganism as a whole,” ETHCS added.

In a Facebook post, ETHCS addressed legions of outraged vegans who could not countenance financially supporting a company with direct ties to a non-vegan. “This has been questioned a lot recently, and we want to confirm with a very positive YES that we are still a vegan, ethical company, ran by vegans, and will always remain to be,” the company said. “In order for ETHCS to continue with the same values it was founded on, a decision had to be made for the future of the company. Therefore, after Tim’s decision to return to eating animal products full time, it was decided that it would be best that he stepped away from ETHCS altogether.”

Vegans have, in some circles, earned an unflattering reputation as a group that tends to be fanatically intolerant of non-vegans. The close association in the minds of many conservatives between veganism and progressivism means that the diet comes loaded with ideological connotations.

The vegan community’s response to Shieff will likely do little to ameliorate the stereotype of radical vegans as inflexible dogmatists.

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