Tides Turning? Boston Fans Chant “F**k Joe Biden” At ALCS

Boston has two main characteristics that you know: it’s a liberal and passionate city. That’s why what happened after Game 4 of the ALCS between the hometown Red Sox and the Houston Astros might come as a surprise.

Between chants of “F— A-rod” (former New York Yankees third baseman and Fox Sports analyst Alex Rodriguez) and “F— (Astros second baseman Jose) Altuve,” impassioned and clear chants of “F— Joe Biden” could be heard just outside of Fenway Park.

Now we all aren’t surprised when college campuses in the South break out in these cheers during football games (since the South tends to be conservative anyway), but a place like Boston joining in on the fun goes to show just how much our president’s approval has dropped in just nine short months.

Perhaps this is an indication that the liberal America is finally starting to see how terrible a leader Joe Biden truly is.

This is Boston, MA. To give you an idea of how much of a left-wing stronghold this is, this is the same Boston that is one of the biggest supporters of the Gay Pride movement on the eastern seaboard, and in 2020, 65 percent of the city’s population and 80 percent of Suffolk County’s population (the county Boston is in) voted to elect President Biden. Furthermore, a gigantic “Black Lives Matter” banner currently hangs on the outside of Fenway Park’s walls facing the Massachusetts Turnpike, reminding Americans just in case they forgot.

It’s quite remarkable for a place whose voting patterns have ensured that Massachusetts has remained blue in presidential elections ever since 1984.

Maybe this is an isolated incident, but it is possible that this will be a continuing pattern. It is positive to note that Americans now see that Biden’s vision of America is a disaster and it is high time that we do something.

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