Editor’s Pick: Wash Times on CNN Under Fire for ‘Invitation Only’ Biden Town Hall

This Thursday The Washington TimesCNN reported that President Biden was criticized for allowing an invitation-only event at a town hall with President Obama to take place. As the paper pointed out, it comes “in light of what critics say is Mr. Biden’s reluctance to field direct questions from the media.”

The Times reported that “Mr. Biden will pitch his failing economic and social agenda directly at voters at the CNN town hall hosted by Anderson Cooper.” It then added: “CNN said earlier this week that the event will feature an ‘invitation-only audience’….It is not unusual for a presidential town hall to feature pre-selected attendees….Ahead of Mr. Biden’s CNN town hall in Cincinnati in July, the network had reached out to organizations such as labor unions, colleges and business groups asking people to apply to ask questions.”

The Washington Times article is available in its entirety.

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