Three Teams That Could Trade for Jimmy Garoppolo, as 49ers Coach Says the Team Has ‘Moved on to Tray Lance’ – Opinion

The NFL Training Camp for All 32 NFL Teams has begun. Kyle Shanahan, San Francisco 49ers Coach, says that the team is prepared to replace quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo with Trey Lance.

Garoppolo has played seven seasons in the NFL — three seasons in New England for the Patriots and four seasons in San Francisco for the 49ers. As Shanahan and 49ers seek to offer Trey Lance a chance to shine, Garoppolo will most likely be joining a new team.

Five other teams called the 49ers to inquire about Garoppolo. Only three of these teams are able to trade Jimmy G.

These fiveThe Atlanta Falcons and Houston Texans are among the teams.

Garoppolo could be traded to the Seahawks Falcons or Lions.

Seattle Seahawks tradedRussell Wilson is the Denver Broncos star quarterback. Garoppolo may be an intriguing piece for the Seahawks as they continue to develop wide receiver D.K. Metcalf’s game while keeping wide receiver Tyler Lockett in Seattle. Metcalf will not perform well if Metcalf is with Lock. Garoppolo may not be able to replace Russell Wilson’s elite performance, but his decision-making and pass accuracy will make a difference for all the Seahawks’ receivers. However, if the Seahawks want to trade for Garoppolo, they will need to trade at least one of their quarterbacks — Drew Lock or Geno Smith.

Brock Huard stated:

“I don’t think it’s going to change … San Francisco’s view on it, and I don’t see Seattle trading for Jimmy Garoppolo and taking on that contract,” Huard said. “I don’t know if those national guys are taking those two things into account or just looking at it and saying from a pure talent and experience standpoint, and (because) obviously Jimmy’s going to become available and this seems to be the landing spot save for Cleveland … But aside from Seattle, there just are not many other good fits.”

Huard did mention the Cleveland Browns but it appears that the team is happy with Jacoby Brissett as their backup quarterback.

Deshaun Watson is the Browns’ starting quarterback, as previously reported by me. He could also be subject to a prolonged suspension.

In the Garoppolo sweepstakes, another team worth watching is Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons did sign Marcus Mariota and draft quarterback Desmond Ridder in the offseason. If neither one of them impresses the coaches during training camp, it could result in Garoppolo being traded by the Falcons. It is a long shot that they trade for him, as they already have their eyes set on next year’s draft, eyeing Bryce Young or C.J. Stroud.

The Detroit Lions are the last team to make sense. Jason McIntyre said on the podcast, “Straight Fire with Jason McIntyre:

“That’s as weak a quarterback room in the league as you will find,” McIntyre said. “Lions stood pat, did not take a quarterback. Look at the roster, they’ve got 20 wide receivers and they got Jared Goff leading the way.”

“Does Jimmy Garoppolo take us from 3-13-1 to eight or nine wins and oh by the way, the Philadelphia Eagles got in the playoffs with nine wins (in 2021),”

“If I’m the Lions, do I want to experiment with that? While the coach is more secure, the GM does not have as much safety. Both have five-year agreements. If you are looking at an NFC team where Garoppolo could land, that makes a lot of sense.”

Garopplo was a quarterback for 3 810 yards with 20 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. He also completed 68.3% of his passes.

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