Ted Cruz Takes Apart State Department’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Over Shocking Hiring Email – Opinion

On Tuesday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R.TX) looked great. He did, as we mentioned earlier, do a nice dunk on Whoopi Goldberg or Hunter Biden.

He also brought up a very important issue when he was questioning a witness for the Biden State department.

While he was asking about the State Department, it’s a question that likely needs to be asked across the Biden Administration — because the Biden Administration is likely trying to staff radicals across the departments.

Cruz was questioning State Dept Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley. She was appointed in April 2021, and he asked her what she did in instituting an “equity action plan.”

After she had instituted that, Cruz noted, a senior official wrote an email raising questions about what was coming up now in the hiring practices — people raising questions about not being able to hire candidates if they have a disability, are white men, are straight white men, or they are not of the “right” religion.

Cruz claimed that this mandate to discriminate was hers. She claimed she’d never seen the email and said the practices were not happening at the State Department, but when Cruz pressed her on the email, she said she had never seen it before and that they were not overtly discriminating. They were trying to eradicate discrimination she felt was happening at the State Department. She kept smiling the whole time which was also weird — it’s not an issue to smile about.

Cruz noted that this particular discrimination was reportedly ongoing and that Abercrombie-Winstanley professed to be unaware of it. He said he was reminded of a line from “Office Space” — “What would you say that you do around here?” Her job is supposed to be about stopping discrimination, but Cruz contended he thought that her job, in practice, was to encourage this discrimination.

Why was Sen. Bob Menendez (D.NJ), the chair of the Foreign Relations Committee concerned about the email? That the email’s writer had not been identified. That’s called a whistleblower, Senator. Do you think they will pursue the author of the email, rather than address the problem?

Our system is already faltering due to the inability of law enforcement officers to treat all criminal cases equally. Do we also see a failure to apply the law equally in regards to hiring? If this is the case, it should concern us greatly. Given the radical nature of the Biden team, I don’t doubt it for a minute.

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