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Though it’s not surprising in the least to see the media and Democrats throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Georgia Republican Herschel Walker as he fights for the right to become the GOP nominee to face Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) in the fall election, it is refreshingly surprising to see that thus far, their campaign appears to be failing.

As we’ve previously reported, Walker has maintained an advantage over Warnock in hypothetical matchups since polling on the potential race first started in March 2021. Only one poll – done by the highly partisan left-wing Public Policy Polling outfit in August 2021 – showed Warnock with a slight lead.

Although Walker was ahead in previous polls, which were nonpartisan and showed him leading by one to three points, the new Hill/Emerson College poll, where 1,013 voters were surveyed, shows Walker leading by four points. This is beyond their margin of error.

In Wednesday’s poll, 45 percent support Warnock who won an election special in 2021. Walker, on the other hand, was supported by 49% of voters.

The Republican’s lead is just outside the survey’s margin of error of 3 percentage points, though 6 percent of voters remain undecided, according to the poll.

Warnock found it even more concerning that a poll was taken by DemocratBlueprint Polling polling for March, not reflected in the RCP Page. Walker was up four points. This is a troubling sign to the Warnock campaign given how often partisan pollsters manipulate results in their favor in order to build momentum.

Adding to Warnock’s woes is that President Joe Biden will be a drag on his campaign from here on out, as Biden’s approval rating in the state lags at 42% according to that same poll, which matches up with others taken recently.

Fresh numbers out from Morning Consult confirm that of all the decisions Joe Biden has made since taking office, the one he made on Title 42 has been his “most unpopular” one to date.

Perhaps because of Biden’s poor polling numbers overall as well as on issue-specific matters like the economy and immigration, Warnock has laughably taken to portraying himself as a moderate, middle of the road type politician when it comes to illegal immigration and taxes, most recently by criticizing the Biden administration over the decision announced on Friday to allow Title 42, a Trump-era policy implemented at the start of the pandemic to stem the spread of COVID-19 from illegal immigrants, to expire near the end of May.

In response to the news, Warnock stated that “this is not the right time” to allow Title 42 to expire, and suggested that “we need assurances that we have security at the border and that we protect communities on this side of the border,” comments that if one didn’t know better one would assume came from a border state Republican.

Between now and the midterm Election Day, we still have much to do. Assuming Walker does end up being the Republican nominee (he’s currently favored to win his primary), look for Democrats and the media to pull out all the stops in an effort to halt his momentum. But they better be careful, because in pulling the purported skeletons out of Walker’s closet, the ones on Warnock will resurface as well and this time around, the outcome at the ballot box for him might just be a lot different than it was in January 2020.

Keep checking back, just like always.

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