Braindead Behar Doesn’t Believe Fentanyl Is Coming Over the Border

Denial of the southern border crisis hit a new and very dumb low during Wednesday’s edition of The ViewJoy Behar was openly mocking the fact that Fentanyl, an illegal drug, had crossed the American border. She even suggested those facts were just “Fox News” “talking points,” and demanded that Ukrainian refugees be accused of smuggling in drugs too.

It was about Title 42 restrictions being lifted by the Biden administration and the anticipated influx of illegal migrants into the country. As co-host Sara Haines was dredging up the fake news about mounted Border Patrol whipping Haitians, Behar claimed reports of caravans were “lies”:

HAINES – What can they do to make the area safer? The Haitians, the bridge images, and horses going after people are just last fall, I think, or perhaps December.

BEHAR: They are caravans. Lies.

ABC reported earlier in the year that a caravan of migrants was heading to the U.S., leaving Honduras. And in a November report, they reported on a “New migrant caravan sets off from southern Mexico border[.]”

Behar’s inability to comprehend reality was on full display when she spared with opportunistic former Trump Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham on Fentanyl trafficking. “There are bad people who are also coming into this country. China knowing our borders are opening will have Fentanyl coming across our border like crazy—,” Grisham said before Behar cut her off.

“Why does this sound like Fox News,” Behar scoffed with a sigh and co-host Sunny Hostin’s agreement. “Are you spewing like talking points here? But where are the numbers? I don’t see stats,” Behar complained.



Since you’re too dim to do the research yourself, Joy, here are some reports. According to a CNN report, “US Customs and Border Protection reported a 1,066% increase in the amount of fentanyl seized in fiscal year 2021 in south Texas … Agents at eight ports from Brownsville to Del Rio seized 87,652 pounds of narcotics, including 588 pounds of fentanyl …” They also noted the chemicals come from China.

And your own network, ABC reported in 2021 that “As of April, 6,494 pounds of fentanyl were seized by authorities at the border, compared to 4,776 pounds in all of 2020. In fact, fentanyl seizures have been increasing since 2018.”

Addressing why she sounded like Fox News, Grisham apologized for being a Republican: “Because I’m a Republican and I’m sorry about that.” “I lived in Arizona. I saw these things,” she tried to explain before Behar interrupted again with, “How many could you see? You’re one person.”

Of course, the audience channeled Behar’s mental capacity and laughed.

Behar made a detour to accusations of Racist Discrimination in Refugee System by Hostin & Whoopi Goldberg. They also had an earlier conversation about Mexican Drug Cartels.

BEHAR: You gave anecdotal evidence proving that these individuals are using Fentanyl, and other drugs. You don’t say it –

HOSTIN: Information about the Afghans.

BEHAR — About the Afghans and western Europeans.

GRISHAM: Well, they’re in the middle of a war.

BEHAR: Why then is it that some people commit crimes while others do not?

Hostin, in her race-baiting detour was furious that the Biden administration denied Haitians asylum while vowing to accept Afghan and Ukrainian refugees. She omitted the fact that there were standards in America that must be followed for asylum, and that most applicants are not granted asylum.

“So, it seems to me that the law is okay for some people, but not okay for people that look like me. And I don’t like that,”She snorted. “But I want you to welcome in brown people also as well, the same way,”Goldberg was also mentioned.

Olay and Ensure provided lucrative sponsorships that enabled Behar to perform this mind-dead feat. You can find their contact information here.

Below is the transcript. Click “expand to read:

ABC’s The View
April 6, 2022
Eastern, 11:1926


SARA HAINES: Are they trying to make the area safer? The Haitians, the bridge images and horses following people are just a few of the reasons.

JOY BEHAR – The caravans. Lies.

HAINES – What is the current state of affairs to ensure we are able to handle this influx?


SUNNY HOSTIN – There are laws for everyone.


HOSTIN: Okay? And under U.S. law, a refugee is a person who’s unable to or unwilling to return to his home country because of various reasons. You have the right to asylum in this country.

GOLDBERG: Is it important how you arrive? How do you get in?

HOSTIN: It doesn’t. Yes, they do not. It doesn’t. I’m particularly offended that 76,000 Afghans were.

BEHAR: Welcomed.

HOSTIN: They were welcomed into this country, which is what they should have done. This administration will take in over 100,000 Ukrainians.

GRISHAM: I’m with you.

HOSTIN: They should.


HOSTIN: It seems that while the law may be okay for certain people, it is not for me or for others who look similar to me. That’s not what I like.

GOLDBERG (And me).

GRISHAM : No, I’m not – I’m not in agreement with it. I believe that this is low hanging fruit.

HOSTIN: This is not low-hanging fruit.


HOSTIN: It’s just the truth.

GRISHAM: It’s not. This is just your opinion.

HOSTIN – My opinion is grounded in facts

BEHAR: Is it OK for Ukrainians to enter the country, but not those fleeing oppression?

GRISHAM: They are, and we would welcome them if they –

HOSTIN: Haiti’s president assassinated

GRISHAM : I would allow them to come legally. And I’m telling you.

HOSTIN: It is legal Stephanie!

GRISHAM: May I end?


GRISHAM: It is not just the bad guys who are coming in to this country. China, knowing that we are opening our borders will result in Fentanyl being brought across the border by crazy Chinese people and 100,000 persons per day.

BEHAR: [Sigh]Why is this so similar to Fox News?


GRISHAM: I am a Republican, and that’s why I apologize. I’m just trying–

BEHAR: Do you make it sound like you are making a lot of talking points? I don’t see your stats. I don’t see stats.

GRISHAM: My family lived in Arizona. These are the things I witnessed.

BEHAR: Can you count the number of BEHARs? There is only one of you.

HAINES: Stephanie, I understand what you’re saying. She asked Vice President Harris to stay, as they were not equipped for the border right now. And we saw an influx, and they couldn’t handle them, they couldn’t even house them. You can recall that they carried food around the lakes. All the images were available.

Invite people. I think it’s great. Invite them all. Problem is, our boat is not strong enough. It isn’t at its most powerful. The inflation rate is at its highest point in 40 years. It’s a war, and we are working to stop a World War III.

HOSTIN : Do we have to follow the law or not?

Sunny HAINES: Sunny, that’s wrong. It’s the same thing, if you have a lifeboat, you say, I want to save everyone. Everybody gets on, and you don’t save anyone. It’s impossible to help others when you can’t do it yourself. Momentaneously, we are in a mess. We’ve got people who can’t–

HOSTIN: We should not be following the asylum law.

HAINES: No, Sunny. HAINES: No, Sunny. What I’m saying is, even the administration that’s in there right now, not Republican, Democrats said, when they looked at it first hand, we got a problem, and they started to backtrack on things. When they tell me that, I say, ‘wow, there may be some things I don’t get about this.’ So, to make it an influx of almost threefold, I don’t know if we can handle it right now.

HOSTIN: Next, we need to find a solution.



HAINES – Decades or decades.

GOLDBERG – Because Cuban citizens were allowed in without restriction.

BEHAR: That’s right.

GOLDBERG : No one asked. People were asked to help the Haitians who fled before the assassination. This is an issue we have all to address. Because either everybody is welcome – And I want to be really clear. Although it may sound like we’re being racially biased, this is exactly where we come. Other people see the same things we do, but our eyes see it differently.

If I see 17 people who are white being welcomed in – and it doesn’t matter that you are white, you should be welcomed into the country. However, I also want to invite in brown people the same way.

BEHAR You don’t say it –

HOSTIN: Information about the Afghans.

BEHAR — About the Afghans and western Europeans.

GRISHAM: Well, they’re in the middle of a war.

BEHAR: So why are some criminals more dangerous than others?



GOLDBERG: We can either come back to it and discuss it, or we break.

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