The Truth Mavens Support Biden’s Farce on the Border Visit, Are ‘OK’ With a White Power Salute – Opinion

To coddle and defend Biden the media’s fact-checkers avoid hard facts and other pesky details.

They have long been seen as an agitprop tool of the press, a biased manner to legitimize a desired media narrative — now the fact-checkers have made their inconsequence official. Joe Biden is a walking gaffe-machine, making life hard for a select group of journalists, after most have fallen into vacation mode over the past four years. In their need to creatively come up with escape clauses for Joe, they end up having to work harder at their assigned duty — burnishing Biden’s image — than actually doing fact-checking.

CNN hosted the town hall StagedThis overtime was ordered by the president Thursday. These were such bad things that White House figures posted on social media Biden was correcting errors During the eventAs he wandered off from his predetermined talking points, he lost sight of common sense and common sense. Imagine the task of the cheerleaders in media, distracting the crowd from negative yards and applying policies with the ease of Mark Sanchez. 

Two primary examples from Thursday have been the focus of these viscounts of verite’ — a Biden claim that he has visited the southern border, and whether or not during his appearance the President flashed a white power hand signal. Both the first and second are obvious. The extent to which truth-speakers go to in order appear like they’re doing their jobs is astonishing. The second is the most absurd.

Biden mentioned his spending bill at one point during his presentation. Biden and his administration insist that the bill will not have any cost effect on the country, despite it being estimated to be worth trillions. Biden also made a circular gesture to support his claim. Held them to his eye., in order to show another claim — that companies are not paying any taxes. Politifact leapt to the forefrontTo let people know that the claims that he was showing a white power symbol on social media were false, Reuters also joined the circus.

This is just one example of the idiocy that lies behind it. This basic gesture has been made into a hate symbol for many years by the media. Throughout the Trump years, any innocuous example of this gesture has been proposed to have been an effort to display a ‘white power’ message — and not from accounts in the general public, but from media outlets. After decades of making fun of this, Biden now acknowledges the claim. Sheer hackery.

According to the Anti-Defamation League…an “okay” gesture, has been linked to white nationalism since 2017 after hoax posts in 4chan promoted the gesture as a hate symbol.

The excuse given by media outlets for indicting the number is not sufficient to counter previous accusations made in the press. One contestant was on Jeopardy this Spring He was scorched for being a supremacistAll because he had three fingers to show after he won the contest three times. Press now have to comply with their own rules, which they can change to fit their needs.

As for Biden’s claim of having visited the border, it is a more serious issue, but the checkers make a more ridiculous leap of logic. Both the accusation and intent concern the President’s inability to have been anywhere that was currently experiencing a crisis after he assumed office. White House A laughable explanation was offeredJoe was in fact able to travel the border in some way, a while back.

Therefore, a 2008 drive-by qualifies as rational explanation. Washington Post Glenn Kessler, their Guru of Veracity, examined the matter and determined that there was sufficient grey to warrant not issuing a Pinocchio rating.

 It turns out it was a brief drive-by — not the kind of sustained visit that his critics are demanding. It’s almost like counting a refueling stop as a visit to a country. But it’s enough that we will leave this Unrated

Following suit in the wan defense was CNN’s Daniel Dale, regurgitating the White House spin and delivering it as solid enough proof.

This is the point where these courageous verifiers went off-track. In their desire to say that “technically” Biden has been near the border, and therefore has not “technically” lied about it, they have to avoid a central fact; at the town hall, he had been asked specifically by an audience member about going to the border during his term as president” “Given that it’s nearly been a year into your campaign, why haven’t you been to the southern border of our country?That was the framing of the question, and it is completely avoided by the team of Kessler & Dale.

The most striking thing about these poor corrections is how much effort is required to execute these impotent fact checks. By focusing on whether the president made a racist gesture or a ‘zero’ sign, they do not have to dig into his claims of corporations paying “zero taxes,” or that his massive spending package would cost the country zero dollars. It takes work, research, and those results can be surprisingly negative.

While they searched through travel logs in an attempt to locate a date that Biden had been within the same zipcode as the border, it was enough for them to ignore serious information. Because they were too busy with the campaign vouchers, they couldn’t take the time to check the actual numbers of immigrants detained, the illegals arriving at the border and the population who are still unvaccinated or have passed the positive-testing threshold.  

They are proving to be useless fact-checkers. They pose as doing the assigned work, but by focusing on the minutia of stories — Flowers were not trampled, it was just grass — They can ignore the harm done by the elephant-level stories. This demonstrates the ineptness of adjunct departments within media. Fact-checkers would not be necessary if the media was reporting stories correctly and using facts.

These offices are designed to be functional. <stillThe fact that we cannot use the facts is a sign of how badly our media system had fallen over the past several generations.

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